Metal Gear Solid touches iPhone, iPod

Konami confirms Kojima's stealth actioner will join Frogger, Silent Hill, Dance Dance Revolution on Apple's handhelds in 2009.


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Last week, a teaser page on Konami's Web site led many to speculate that the Japanese publisher was working on bringing the Metal Gear Solid franchise to the Xbox 360, reviving the Metal Gear Acid brand, or even porting the long-running series to the Wii. However, those predictions have turned out to be off base.

Konami revealed today that Metal Gear Solid Touch will be heading to the Apple iPhone and iPod Touch early in the New Year. According to Konami, the game will drop series protagonist Solid Snake in an all-new adventure that features many of the characters and locales introduced in Konami's recent PlayStation 3 blockbuster Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots. Konami also noted that the game will be action-oriented and will include eight initial "stages," with additional levels promised at a later date.

Metal Gear Solid Touch won't be Solid Snake's first outing on mobile platforms. The stealth action hero was also the subject of Konami's Metal Gear Solid Mobile, a portable action adventure developed by Ideaworks3D that was named winner of the 2007 International Mobile Game Awards.

In addition to the celebrated stealth action series, Konami also confirmed Frogger for the iPhone, calling it "a pixel-perfect conversion of the classic arcade game"; Silent Hill: The Escape; and DanceDanceRevolution S Lite.

Konami plans to augment these Apple offerings in the future, with the publisher's VP of online and mobile Anthony Borquez commenting, "We welcome the iPhone and iPod Touch to our product lineup and look forward to these initial games."

The teaser page on Konami's Web site now links to what appears to be a placeholder page with the Metal Gear Solid Touch logo.

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this is way cool. i was gonna get a ipod touch for my bday anyway. but this just makes it a lot more exciting :O

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EddisonPeters19, there's news about MGS4 going to be on 360 as well. I'd have to say it was Konami's idea, and not Kojima Productions. I'm ot entirely sure, but that miht happen. So, 360 owners probably won't be left out. And for PC owners, well, there's always an emulator, though it's illegal, some lot's of people unfortanetly do it. It's just that they need a high amount of RAM, CPU speed, and a high end graphics card, to play a PS3 game through emuation. but anyway, I believe it will be on 360.

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I don't know, you really can't put a negative comment ou about this game, I mean, it's like the first big name game to be put on the iphone. All youy can do is discuss and comment it. I can't see why someone would say it's graphics are horrid even though that is their first shot at it. To me, if someone gives a negative comment to a game on a new platform ( like Metal Gear Solid on IP ) it doesn't look like they know how to appreciate games at all. The last bit is just my opinion.

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The website is now official!

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idk what the guys below me are talking about. they say the ps3 is all high and mighty, but the truth is: its an overrated, overpriced, lousy, pathetic product. the xbox 360 beats it in everthing except the whole bluray thing. if you want a quality system go for the 360. if you want a great handheld go for the DS. both are better than anything sony can come up with.

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To sevey13 the ps3 reigns dominant over the X360. First of all, the ps3 supports bluray, which in turn supports the worlds highest picture and quality sound. This is contrary to the 360's "HD DVD" support, due to to the fact that HD DVD's are no longer being produced because a higher sound and picture quality cannot be supported on the DVD format. The 360 is a typical microsoft product, which was, much like the zune, underdeveloped and released in a poor attempt at market competition. Oh and i hope your PC blue screens.

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to all you 360 fan boys if you really want to play mgs 4 BUY A PS3 !!!!!!,i swear to god mgs 4 has to be the most envied game of all time, i mean oh my god,pc gamers want it,360 gamers want it,i've even seen some nintendo gamers hoping the game would make an appearence in their future console,if you really want to play this game buy a ps3,if you dont want to buy a ps3 stop commenting and fantiscizing about this game making an appearence on you're console,now you see why us ps3 owners bought a ps3,im not bashing at all the other consoles because i think the 360 is great i think the wii is great but its just terrible how badly you talk about this game comming to you're console,you never see ps3 gamers doing it to 360 games or at least this badly ,have some self respect jesus.

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sick yo i was planning to get a ipod touch and this is in it...

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No way in hell would I get an iPhone. Seriously, if you whip that thing out of your pocket and it slips out of your hands then BAM right into the pavement, you've got yourself a 400$ paperweight.

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I hope this tops most of the iPhone/iTouch application games that are mostly crap... while not being like $10.

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Sounds awesome! They may suck in online, but Konami is still one of those developers which can bring out the best fro many platform.

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killkill3 is ACTually A FAT ANNOYING KID! that no one likes =)

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[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

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hahaha xbox 360 fanboys lose hehehehe, no GOTY 2008 for you guys :)

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MGS4 for Ipod touch would be friggin ballin.

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who cares

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R41N_M4K3R Gears could be better on the PS3

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they are just thinking about how so many people actually pay to activate the iphone then go on and buy music, ring tones... throw away mass amounts of money surely they'll pick this up and look at the install base since it can be played on a ipod touch... money money money moneyyy

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@R4IN_M4KER Hell F****** No It Wouldnt

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Berkeley0: "People love controversy and drama and love to pick fights on the internet get a life people lol. " Way to state the things you like and attribute that to everyone else! Great job! And people see what they want to see... Nothing new..So of course 360 owners thought that there was a possibility that mgs4 was coming to their system. There's no need to to call someone 'dumb' for wanting a port...and I really don't understand where the anti-American comment came from...

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Dance Dance Rev on the iphone? How, and more importantly, WHY?!?

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Welcome Ladies and Gentlemen to the epitome of giving the fans what they want....................................................................

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cool could be better on 360

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@berkeley9: aren't you the retarded fanboy who usually needs to get a life? Media's tools? If we're just wanting a game on a console we're the media's tools? And please, use paragraphs.

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this is a big slap in the face for 360 fanboys...

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[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

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@ buffdaddy69 You obviously don't have an iPhone or iPod Touch. Its light years from "cell phone" gaming. A lot of these iPhone games are of extremely high quality, with great gameplay, controls, etc. Don't underestimate the gaming capabilities of the iPhone. I've definitely played some terrible cell phone games in the past but the iPhone 3G is definitely shaping up to be a really good gaming platform.

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I'm begining to understand the sick joke to like: almost all developers know they could make millions if not billions of dollars if they just went and remade games, with even simple conversions like a new coat of paint, and maybe a new feature here and there, but honestly, we as gamers could care less about the function of the game, we just think that if Snake looked like he did in MGS 4 during MGS, MGS 2 or MGS 3, that would be awesome... we never once thought, "Hey, if they remade it, they would need to do it absolutely right, rebuilding the games basic concepts from the ground up so they all played into the stealth and gunning gameplay that was made into a harmonic balance in MGS 4,".... no,... no, no we would never say that. We thought they were perfect the way they were, we just voiced that we were willing to pay money on something that has a fresh, new look. Yes, we're that shallow... why is it that hard to understand. Hell, if they completely remade Halo 1, in the Halo 3 style graphics, and left everything else alone about it, and I'm only talking Campaign, even the weapons and how silly it might be to snipe something with a friggin' pistol, I'd buy it. Not only would I buy it, I'd pay the full $60 for it, even if it was only a Campaign game lacking any Multiplayer whatsoever. The same can be said for Morrowind. Just remake it in Oblivion's grahics, I'd buy it. I mean, is it so hard? Just taking the assets of a game, adding polygons, adding new textures and meshes, then just shipping it. Don't try to polish the game in any other way, because then you'll break what was an amazing experience. I mean, I could just see them taking something like Halo or MGS and turning them on their heads trying to update them... when all anybody asked for was nicer graphics. Why? We really don't know. We'll argue that graphics aren't everything, but that won't stop us from asking for undated titles for some reason. I guess we're a little hypocritical in a sense, but whatever, everybody is. Whatever... I'll just go along with the idea that the studios feel they have more respect for an IP than to just randomly remake it, no matter how much poeple would like it.

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So...Konami is going to spend over a million dolalrs making this for the iPhone, There are two groups to this. The poeple that arent going to buy it, because Cell Phone gaming is *****y and not fun, and the idiots who buy it, but will only play it once and will probably end up getting a new phone, with no game on it. *sighs* I don't want Metal Gear Solid 4 for the 360, I wan't ether a souped up remake of Metal Gear Solid 3 or 1or Metal Gear 1 and Metal Gear 2 for the 360 and PS3. so much money could be made right there...Sooooooo much.

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it kind of makes sense once you think about it. the iPod was in the last Metal Gear Solid, now Metal Gear Solid is in the iPod. [:

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Berkeley0, someday you will gasped it . never know happened late news. dont be hate xbox 360 . like everything ps 3 , x360 , wii . i likes all ps 3 , x360 , WII no matter how best they are .

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What made me laugh was that dumb people actually thought this was comming out for the 360. Gamespot is good at getting people's hope's up for nothing lol! God Americans need to stop obsessing over everything and hyping everything. Please people get a brain. You people are the media's tools and you are their puppets. Let me predict the future... some nebbish civilian is going to give me a thumbs down... hmm I'm a genius. People love controversy and drama and love to pick fights on the internet get a life people lol.

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@Sevey13 Sega are not in the hardware game anymore, hence their software is now multi-console. Sony on the other hand still makes portable MP3 players and is in direct competition with Apple. Just because Apple are dominating the current market, doesn't mean Sony have given up hope of retaking what was once one of their crowning jewels. Nintendo may have taken a battering with the N64 and the GC, but they stuck with it and it has paid dividends with the Wii. The 360 may not be doing as well as the Wii but it too is still besting the PS3. For an interesting read check this link out: << LINK REMOVED >> 2008_12_sonys_ps3_a_sinking_ship_sales_plummet_sne.html I bet Sony would prefer if Kojima kept all Metal Gear titles on Sony machines. Obviously this will not be the case.

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[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

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@frazzle00, I would like to rebut. Apple *was* (not is) Sony's competitor. Sony lost a while ago when iPod took supremacy. One interesting phenom in this generation of games is that old competetors are teaming up to work down the competition. Sure Sony lost to Apple in a previous generation, but that was in the past. Another example: Sega and Nintendo were bitter, bitter rivals during the glory days of the Famicom. Never in a million years would Sonic and Mario go head to head in a game...but here we are a few years later with multiple games staring both characters. I stand by the belief that Sony is teaming up with Apple. A good game like MGS on the Apple will be beneficial for both comanies in their bids to undermine Microsoft.

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NO! why are you turning MGS into a marketing ploy? remember when metal gear solid came out and people liked it just because it was an awesome game, not just because they had heard of it?

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@Sevey13 I doubt this has anything to do with Sony. Apple is Sony's biggest competitor in the portable music player market (iPod killed the Walkman star remember :P). The original Gamespot article was just designed to rile up fanboys on both side of the fence and it worked like a charm. All that silly speculation over what is really a pretty mediocre announcement. I'll stick to my DS and PSP for portable gaming, and leave my iPod Touch for music :)

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Make no mistake...this is another way that Sony is hoping to gain ground with the losing PS3 (I don't care if you are a fanboy...overall, the PS3 is LOSING this generation) and undermine Microsoft. Sony knows that Microsoft puts out the Zune line of MP3 players (which, in my opinion, have far better hardware and software than iTunes or anything else that Crapple Computers comes out with). By putting their game on a very, very popular competing franchise. Again, make no mistake...this was a very calculated and well thought out move on the part of Sony and I congratulate them (the non-fanboy part of me, at least)...but I still hope they crash and burn (yup...that's the Microsoft/Nintendo fanboy part of me).

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lol even the iphone has it now sorry xboxfans =(

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I want an iphone... but 32 gig ones are ridiculously expensive and it seems such a small amount of space for a device that can supposedly do so much. I know 32 gig is essentially a huge amount of space, but relatively speaking it's not. My Zune has an 80 gig HDD, and obviously all the older iPods had similar capacities. I mean, if I can not only store all my music and alot of my videos, but download apps and fully-fledged games as well, surely these things should at least have the space of the latest music/video-only equivalents?? I don't know... I'll stop whining. =)

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Eh, I suppose this is good news for people with an iPhone/iPod Touch. But if you expect it to suddenly become the dominant handheld in the market: keep dreaming.

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Just stick to the psp or ps3 versions of mgs but i hope that the 360 has it too

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Hmmm Maybe a reason to buy an iphone. Would be neat to have solid snake around on your phone whenever you want it.

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xbox360 steals another game

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finally a few games worth paying for i cant wait next god of war? please....maybe

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i tried suggesting on the forums a month or so ago that gamestop should have an iphone gaming section, seeing as how gaming is really taking off on it, and it is easily comparable to the psp or ds. i got flamed, of course. now metal gear is officially coming to iphone. if you dont think iphone/ipod touch is a viable portable gaming system, check out brothers in arms for iphone, and then realize that this is just the beginning.

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keep dreaming.