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Metal Gear Solid Rising Trailer Impressions

Raiden set to star in new Metal Gear for 360; trailer tags game as "lightning bolt action."


At this morning's Microsoft press conference at E3, famed developer Hideo Kojima finally confirmed what fans of the console have long hoped for: The Metal Gear Solid franchise is coming to Microsoft's gaming device. Titled Metal Gear Solid Rising, the new game will follow the adventures of the ninja Raiden, with Kojima offering very few other details.

What he did show, however, was a quick trailer. Although that ended up being as oblique as Konami's teaser campaign in the lead up to this year's E3. The trailer began amidst a background of gray, cloudy skies. Brief flashes of what looked like Japanese characters then appeared, as well as various close-ups of Raiden's eyes, gloves, chest plates, and more. The trailer then showed a full head-and-shoulders view of the ninja, which looked to be the same as was revealed last week on the official Kojima Productions Web site. As with previous Metal Gear games, Rising will also have a three word tagline. This time, it's: Lightning Bolt Action. The words "Sneak In" then appeared, followed by a voice-over, which said "Raiden... is back."

The trailer had no footage from the game, so there are still plenty of questions left unanswered about this new entry into the Metal Gear Universe. For more from the show, check out GameSpot's complete coverage of E3 2009.

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