Metal Gear Solid: Rising series planned

Producer tells Japanese magazine that Kojima Productions' latest is not a "side story" in the MGS universe; plans for at least two games featuring Raiden.


When Hideo Kojima unveiled the latest trailer (below) for Konami's highly anticipated Metal Gear Solid: Rising during this year's E3, many were left hungry for more. Besides a few sparse details about the game's "zan-datsu" principle (meaning "cut and take") and a brief outline of its gameplay mechanics, Konami revealed little else.

Raiden may return for seconds.
Raiden may return for seconds.

Now, a bit more information regarding the game has trickled out, courtesy of Metal Gear Solid: Rising producer Shigenobu Matsuyama. As related by Andria Sang, the producer told Japanese media publisher Enterbrain's Midnight Live 360 Web broadcast that the intention is to make more than one game featuring the cyborg ninja Raiden.

"MGS Rising is not a side story. We're aiming for two Metal Gear Solids, making a series out of another standard," Matsuyama said last week.

Matsuyama was also asked why Raiden was chosen as the protagonist in the new title. He replied that Raiden's blade made him the perfect hero for a game where players could slice anything they wanted.

Metal Gear Solid: Rising is due for release later this year on the PC, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360.

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