Metal Gear Solid PSN Sale Discounts the Full Series

Get all of the Metal Gear Solid games for PS4, PS3, Vita, and PSP.


The Metal Gear series may never be quite the same with Konami and Hideo Kojima having parted ways, but you can relive the Metal Gear Solid series on the cheap right now thanks to a new PSN sale.

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Everything from the original Metal Gear Solid up through Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain is discounted, with games spanning PS3, PS4, PSP, and Vita. That includes the mainline series--the HD Collection is $20 on PS3 and $15 on Vita, MGS4 is $10, and so on--and spinoff titles like MGS VR Missions ($3). Sadly, not quite everything is there, as Metal Gear Acid, for instance, isn't available on PSN.

Curiously, the page on the web version of the PlayStation Store calls this a Call of Duty sale and has a URL to match. That wasn't lost on the official Metal Gear Twitter account.

The full list of games included in the sale follows below, or you can see everything on the PlayStation Store.

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I bought Metal Gear Solid Ground series for PS3 and there is a code for online.

Now i bought the same game from PSN for PS4, how do i get this code for internet?

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Why woudnt they relaunch the entire series on ps4...this is one remaster id want...

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What a shame Konami still remain a bunch of wankers

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I got the Legacy Collection for PS3 a while back (great deal, too), but this sale was the perfect time to pick up Ground Zeroes for five bucks.

I loved The Phantom Pain (played for nearly 150 hours!), but there was no way I was spending $20 on the prologue.

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Buyer Beware: The item management via touch for Vita MGS 2 & 3 almost makes those games unplayable. Really wish Konami would patch them for player to customization. On MGS PSOne Classics I used the screen to equip/unequip and the shoulder buttons to select. Wish I could do the same here.

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Traded in my PS3 for a PS4 (only had it for a few months) because the deal was too good to pass up. It was the first time in over 20+ years of gaming that I ever let go of a console, and I still regret it.

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$8 for MGS1 and VR Missions? Not a bad deal.

I got a physical copy of VR Missions for $10 by itself.

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I've always been curious about Portable Ops. It wasn't directed by Kojima but apparently turned-out pretty good if review scores are to be believed. Maybe they could give the same guy another entry in the series and bring back David Hayter while they're at it.

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@cjimrun: PO originally began as a different game converted to an MGS project to secure sales and to help ease the wait for MGS4 back in 2006-7. The controls weren't perfect, but it made for a really satisfactory Metal Gear experience in my opinion. It also has one of my favorite Metal Gear theme songs: "Calling to the Night". Masahiro Yamamoto and Gakuto Mikumo were responsible for the direction and the writing respectively, but I also read that Ryan Payton did a lot of testing and his notes helped shape the game (gameplay wise).

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@cjimrun: the controls on the psp were unbearable for 3d games. i had to put that one down. peace walker puts portable ops to shame and the hd remaster on ps3 was fantastic.

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@Xristophoros: I've played Peace Walker on both and it is good, but I always suspected Kojima made it because Portable Ops was well received despite the fact that he didn't direct it.

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@cjimrun: to me, peace walker feels like a proof of concept for mgs v. perhaps that was the reason kojima decided to make the game. it shares many of the same mechanics as mgs v such as fultoning soldiers/obtaining new recruits, managing your mother base soldiers and the dispatch missions. funny enough, i think mgs peace walker has a superior story to mgs v and much more memorable boss encounters. it is a better game in those areas.

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@Xristophoros: Phantom Pain really is a bigger Peace Walker. I think Ashley wood and David Hayter do a lot for the portable game. The revisiting of the Boss storyline from Snake Eater was very cool too, even though the AI stuff was a little weird.

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@cjimrun: yea, the ai stuff was a bit weird, but those boss fights were a lot of fun! in mgs v, the only good boss fight was quiet. fighting the skulls so many times was pretty lame. yes, hayter made a world of difference as well. not a fan of sutherland's performance at all. he had no business being in the game, but kojima is fascinated by hollywood stars it seems and decided to betray hayter.

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I'm really getting into this MG PP again, not to mention unlocking those missions on Zeroes. I never played Snake Eater. Anybody know how it is remastered on PS3? Is it playable and worth getting?

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@jagdedge124: hell ya. mgs 2 and mgs 3 hd both hold up very well... it will take a bit of time for you to adjust to the control scheme (they are unconventional by today's standards), but once you do, you are in for a treat. those are the best games in the series in my opinion, followed closely by mgs 1 and mgs 4.

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Thank you sir. Downloading now. It's only 8 bucks. Nothing much to lose anyway.

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@jagdedge124: for sure. enjoy! i am feeling a little nostalgic so i might grab good 'ol mgs 1 :D

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MGS 4 is on psn?

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@Alawishis: at a whooping 50gb, you can buy it today!!! Great game.

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@Kruiz_Bathory: Meh. It was more cutscene than game. I'll stick to the two MSX games, MGS1, MGS VR Missions, and the VR missions in MGS2 Substance. ...and possibly MGS3.

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Metal Gear Solid 5 seems to always be on sale, whether its retailer specific, or console specific, I don't remember the last time I couldn't find a copy for $40...

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Darn! Non of the Vita games appear to be PSTV compatible. There goes my excitement :(

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@Hvac0120: There's actually a relatively simple hack that allows all Vita games to be played on the PSTV. Obviously touched based games won't be totally playable, but still bootable.

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@Hvac0120: Wow, I was looking forward to getting snake eater again. Dang.

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Kept you waiting huh? EDIT: Now, where is the psn spring sale?

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That's great to hear. Also #FucKonami

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Too bad none of them are playable on PS4..... and no Sony, putting them on PS Now is not a solution.....

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if this was on pc or xbox i would instantly purchase the whole package.

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@XxAK47xX Do you realize that every single game above I checked on is cheaper brand new on then they are in this sale?

Sony is so out of touch with their store pricing. Their sales don't even compare to normal online store prices.:

Metal gear V $38.95 (ps4)

HD Collection(ps3) $16.99

And you even get a disc, keeping case for fast uploads of the game vs slower download. Plus a physical copy if PSN store is ever out.

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@wheelman990: I got the anniversary edition of the collection with all the games up to Peace Walker HD(except those not directed by Kojima) for like 19.99 2 years ago for ps3. What a steal and I agree psn sales suck most of the time.

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@wheelman990: have you seen any of the console companies offer digital pricing that beats out physical or steam? Near as I can tell Sony tends to have the better sales of the 3, but in none of their hands have I seen PC/physical sale level pricing

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@xantufrog: I agree...partly.

Out of three, the only one I truly appreciate (even tough I have yet to use it) is nintendo e shop. Even though Nintendo is at fault for why I would like the eshop in the first though. Because Nintendo is "Nintendo" their big money making games increase in price over time. Finding games like pokemon, zelda, and the really good mario games can be a pain and the USED copy is more that the original retail price. I've seen new pokemon games go for over $100 on ebay.

This is the only time where you are super happy to see that older game for full price digitally (because we all know nintendo doesn't believe in sales)...but of course that's assuming that they would have it digitally.

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what's the best one to jump in on? I played a rental of MGS2 on PS2 back in the day for a bit and that's it

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@xantufrog: i would strongly recommend you play them all in order of their release as bacontophat45 has suggested. it will be well worth the ride. so mgs 1, mgs 2, mgs 3, mgs 4, mgs peace walker (you can skip this if you want in all honesty since it is very similar to mgs v in many ways), mgs v. OR, if you want to play them chronologically according to the storyline, start with mgs 3, mgs peace walker, mgs v, mgs 1, mgs 2, mgs 4.

if you only have time to play one game in the series, i'd say play mgs 3 or mgs 4.

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@xantufrog: 3 Is probably the best.

If you want them in order then it'd be 3, 5, 1, 2, 4. Peace Walker falls after 3 I believe.

Portable Ops isn't even canon anymore (technically it is after 3 and before Peace Walker, but Kojima shoved it aside since he didn't write it) but it was good for a PSP game. Revengeance isn't canon per say, and doesn't play anything like the others, but is worth checking out.(You can find it almost anywhere for under 10 dollars physical)

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@xantufrog: The order they where released in is the best way to play them in. Unless you don't care about the story than just play 5, it's story is the weakest/not even complete, but the game by itself is the most fun.

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Where is Metal Gear Ac!d, Chris?!