Metal Gear Solid Preview


It appears the new PlayStation 2 sequel to Metal Gear Solid isn't the only stealth game in town. A new Metal Gear game, once subtitled Ghost Babel instead of Solid, is making its way to the Game Boy Color. Hideo Kojima worked on the hit PlayStation title Metal Gear Solid, and he is now taking on the role of producer in MGS for the Game Boy Color. In the article, he stated that the game was actually brought about when Konami of Europe requested a Game Boy Color title of the same name. Kojima and his team decided to pursue the project to redefine the meaning of gaming. It certainly has challenged the team to make a game with the same feel and look as that of Metal Gear Solid with pixilated graphics on Nintendo's handheld. The team mentions that the game features about 13 stages and 180 VR missions. The team also stated that the game is currently 50 to 60-percent complete.

Metal Gear Solid for the Game Boy Color is coming to Japan soon. However, no release information has been disclosed. Stay tuned for more.

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