Metal Gear Solid gets Risk board game

Limited-edition $50 offering combines 2008 version of Hasbro strategy game with gameplay variations inspired by Konami's stealth-action series.

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Konami's Metal Gear Solid series is no stranger to other games, having crossed over into franchises like Ape Escape and Super Smash Bros. However, the stealth action series isn't limited to digital tie-ins, as Konami has announced the first board game crossover for the series, Risk: Metal Gear Solid Limited Edition.

What's in the box?
What's in the box?

Based on the 2008 version of the board game, Risk: Metal Gear Solid will layer in elements from the games like black-market weapons, mercenary boss characters, and the submersible battleship Outer Haven, which allows for invasions to come from new directions. The game will also include 275 playing pieces customized to represent five rival private military companies and packaging with new art by Metal Gear Solid franchise art director Yoji Shinkawa.

The game is being produced by USAopoly, which makes versions of classic games like Monopoly, Yahtzee, Jenga, and more with popular licenses like Futurama, Star Trek, and various NFL, NCAA, MLB, and NHL teams. Preorders for the game will open up on USAopoly's official site October 3, with a $50 price tag attached.

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