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Metal Gear Solid Fan Discovers New Level-Skipping Glitch By Accident

What started as an ordinary stream turned into a potentially game-changing moment for MGS speedrunning.


A streamer and Metal Gear Solid fan suddenly became the source of a speedrunning frenzy during what started as an ordinary streaming session.

Boba was streaming on Twitch recently, playing the original Metal Gear Solid on the first PlayStation, when she found herself trapped between a locked door and a group of enemy soldiers. In the frantic battle, a shot from an enemy's gun sent Snake glitching through the locked door, which in turn loaded up the area behind the door. However, Boba wasn't supposed to be in that area yet.

For those unaware, the communications towers are a pivotal part in the original Metal Gear Solid adventure. Snake must journey up and down the towers multiple times--once even rappelling on a bungee cord--before reaching the roof and squaring off with a Hind D helicopter. By glitching through the door, Boba no longer had to worry about that long traversal, shaving multiple minutes from her playthrough.

Not long after Boba shared the clip on Twitter, MGS speedrunners began discussing the glitch, turning it into a seminal moment for the community.

Within a few hours, the top MGS speedrunners were able to replicate the glitch, and and the community soon researched other locked doors throughout the game to see if the glitch could be replicated elsewhere.

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