Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain Microtransaction Pricing Revealed [Update]

Micropayments range from $1.65 to $80 for Mother Base Coins.


[Update: It has since emerged that the prices listed below are in New Zealand dollars. New details on Metal Gear Solid 5's microtransactions system can be found through the link.]

Ahead of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain launch, we've now learned more about the stealth-action game's microtransactions. Specifically, a new image posted on Metal Gear Network reveals pricing details for Mother Base Coins, which you can use for the game's Forward Operating Base online mode.

Forward Operating Base is a secondary base where you can go head-to-head with other players; this is not to be confused with Metal Gear Online, the game's other mode that is coming in October. You can use the Mother Base Coins to speed up gameplay. For example, as you get to higher levels, new platforms on your base can take an hour or so to generate. But using the coins lets you accelerate that process.

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For more on how microtransactions work in The Phantom Pain, be sure to watch the video below.

The Phantom Pain launches on September 1 for console and PC. The game is receiving high marks from critics, including a 10/10 score from GameSpot.

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Hmm, well there's this or you can just do the sensible thing and play the game while things are being built. Time files when your in a cardboard box after all.

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Avatar image for Halloll

or you could simply change a few parameter if you get the game on PC.

Avatar image for kaalkurayami

This is a load of rubbish.

Avatar image for bluefox755

Damn, I thought only mobile games were doing this garbage. Optional or not, it took time and resources, can't support this. To each their own however.

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As much I hate MTs you guys know there are 3 game modes. FOB, Main Story and MO3. I personally bought MGS V for M03 and the Main Story. What it's **** up is the delay on MO3 just to put FOB. But those MTs are ok with 1. Because I will ignore them 2. Because there are 3 game modes. And btw those price OMG! Thankfully I dont care about FOB, Now if MO3 has MTs, we will have a problem

Avatar image for allanirvine

6000 MB for $80. Then factor this in...

So the territorial waters alone to build four FOB's will eat up that $80. That's before you add in resource costs and every thing else. I know it's an optional game mode and there's other ways to earn coins, but my comment is aimed at what publishers see as reasonable. This is anything but.

I'm pretty sure you could buy Greece, an actual real country, for about $80. (Sarcasm, not meant to offend any Greek folk reading this).

Avatar image for EddyG0RD0

P2W confirmed, i wont farm like crazy to have something when i can have it right NOW from teh store

i will come to yo base sooner than you think, because i can and you will NOT be prepared, unless you buy some

Avatar image for Xcalibur_basic

@EddyG0RD0: The FOB are an optional online component.

Avatar image for JustPlainLucas

As Jim Sterling once said, "**** Konami." Also, "Pull the lever!"

Avatar image for jackspacko

I wonder how long this'll last on the PC till someone finds a way around it.

Avatar image for Xcalibur_basic

Oh this isn't bad at all. As long as I don't have to shell out cash to get the good weapons in MGO. Most of everyone will be playing the missions or story anyway. They will barely notice the wait time.

Avatar image for MrKirios

fvck konami

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Avatar image for RussellGorall


I don't remember you putting this info in the review for the game?

Avatar image for offspring94

@RussellGorall: this. They kinda outsmarted the review system

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The biggest problem with these e transactions is that it makes all of your skill and hard work rendered completely irrelevant. "you completed this mission without being detected once! heres 200 extra MB coins" whats the point when everyone else just buys them. It cheapens the entire integrity of the reward system of the game. Then there is 0 incentive to want to play skillfully, or at least it makes your hard work feel useless. The exact opposite of what you want from your game...

Avatar image for Xcalibur_basic

@bigcr47: The articles says it is only used to speed up MB building. Are you more into building up Forward Operating Bases for Mother Base or playing the game? FOBs are optional too and there is NO SKILL in building an FOB. Really, this one isn't bad all if it is only speeding up build time. It doesn't affect Metal Gear Online, a separate multiplayer experience.

Avatar image for EddyG0RD0

@Xcalibur_basic: "it is only to SPEED UP"...

just like in Battle Islands

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Buying the most expensive micro transaction is the first thing I'm going to do as soon as possible.

Avatar image for windyrectum

@ominous_titan: Me too, I just bought 18000 for 240 usd

Avatar image for ominous_titan

@windyrectum: I'm gonna buy all the good stuff,

Avatar image for ominous_titan

Buying the most expensive micro transaction is the first thing I'm going to do as soon as possible.

Avatar image for seyunx

Anyone know if there is a lengthy interview with kojima in english?

Avatar image for Bazongaman502

If you are one of those people that buys fake currency to speed up development on certain things in the game, you have no room to complain about getting bored or the game not keeping you entertained as much as you wanted.

(This comment is about ANY game with Micro transactions)

Avatar image for Brumbek

@Bazongaman502: Let me add to your comment. If you are one of those people who buys fake currency, you need to STOP IT. Or better yet, go away and never play online with the rest of us who refuse to give in to this rubbish.

Avatar image for Xcalibur_basic

@Brumbek: This doesn't affect MGO and it only shortens the time to build things on FOB's. Although I agree with you, I shouldn't have to grind a week or a month for something that costs money. Mass Effect 3 has the only microtransactions I was okay with, mostly because it didn't feel like I have to play an entire month start getting the good weapons.

Avatar image for EddyG0RD0

@Xcalibur_basic: stop defending P2W konami

Avatar image for Xcalibur_basic

@EddyG0RD0: You're just butt hurt about Mad Max getting a 6 out of 10.

Avatar image for yukushi

$60 is all I ever spend on a game if I enjoy the game and the developer releases an expansion and it gets good reviews I will buy it but that's it, none of that stupid spending money on costumes different color guns and all that dumb crap I have better things to do with my money.

Avatar image for Fursnake

Reminds me of the microtransactions in Dead Space 3 which were also complete bullshit, but totally unnecessary...just like these microtransactions.

Avatar image for EddyG0RD0

@Fursnake: yeah but is dead space you werent competing against other players aka VS

Avatar image for redeemer6666

Mien gott!!!

I'm not German, but English just didn't feel "right" enough for BS of this caliber.

I've already got the damn game!!! No more money Konami.

I'll fall back on my SKILL, Rather then expensive gimmicks.

Avatar image for bfa1509

Konami, Y U DO DIS?

Avatar image for Khasym

I wonder where all the people who were defending this nonsense are now? These kinds of freemium prices, are on par with what's in LoL, PS2 and DOTA, And I'll wager a buck the means of coercing paying are going to follow suit. Like I said, I'll wait for someone to review the game AFTER the details are all cleared up and we know EXACTLY how the MT's affect gameplay.

Avatar image for Slannmage

Does any one care about Mother Base? Just seems like this boring static space you wish wasn't in the game.

Avatar image for reanor2

@Slannmage: it's pretty much for PvP. Mother Base and FOB missions, are PvP content so to speak. PvP means competitive gameplay and where there is a competitive gameplay there is always MCs because people like to buy their powers instead of earning them. I do prefer MCs sometimes, because I don't have time to play the game 30 hours a week. Those who have time to grind - grind. Those who have life - pay money. That's pretty much how things are today in games.

Avatar image for Simulator_Shock

This is really pathetic, but what is even more pathetic is that I know some fucking morons will still buy all this bullshit and encourage Konami to keep putting these completely ridiculous microtransactions in their games... if they ever make another game that is...

Avatar image for nervedamaged

There is nothing 'micro' about those transactions! When was 79.99 a 'Micro' anything? Oh well, they know there are people out there that will buy them. so sad.

Avatar image for hystavito

@nervedamaged: Good point :)

Avatar image for Salt_AU

$79.95 to school some noobs with my skill? Take my money Konami!

Avatar image for Duttyhandz

@Salt_AU: In fact, it's the other way around. Be a noob and school long-time player on your first day playing the game by paying your way up... You are the noob by buying this...

Avatar image for EddyG0RD0

@Duttyhandz: it was sarcasm, i think

Avatar image for soullessseyes

This is absolutely disgusting........f2p transactions in a 60 dollar game. Last Konami game I ever buy.

Avatar image for Thanatos2k

It has a "micro"transaction that costs more than the base game.

****. Konami.

Avatar image for Duttyhandz

@Thanatos2k: Most, if not all F2P games, have some kind of insanely costly package of the "real-money" currency (gems, gold, etc...). Warframe has some 100$ package, AOE-CS has too, etc..

Avatar image for EddyG0RD0

@Duttyhandz: warframe is mostly about COOP so if u want to have good equippment to help me in missions go ahead :)

Avatar image for Thanatos2k

@Duttyhandz: Those games are trash too for even having those purchases exist, but there's also one important distinction you appear to have forgotten....