Metal Gear Solid 5 Special Edition PS4 Coming to Europe

This red-and-black console also comes with extra DLC and a special controller.


Sony will release a special edition PlayStation 4 system themed around Konami's Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain later this year in Europe, Australia, and New Zealand, the company announced on Tuesday.

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This console, which will also be available in Japan, sports a nice red-and-black color scheme, also featuring gold accents. This is inspired by Snake's Bionic Arm, Sony explains.

The special edition PS4 console will be accompanied by a metallic grey DualShock 4 controller, which is based on Snake's handgun. Both the console and the controller also feature the Diamond Dogs emblem.

What's more, anyone who buys this package will receive a special "Day 1 Edition" of The Phantom Pain, which includes "bonus downloadable content," though it was not named outright.

Alongside the spiffy-looking red-and-black PS4, Sony will also ship a system bundle that comes with a regular black console and the Day 1 Edition of the stealth-action game. Both will be available on September 1, which is The Phantom Pain's official worldwide release date.

Konami has not announced either bundle for a release in the United States.

GameSpot editor Peter Brown recently got to play a chunk of The Phantom Pain. You can read his thoughts in this just-published preview.

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