Metal Gear Solid 5 PC Mod Swaps Quiet's Model With Ocelot's, The Results Are Delightful

Love blooms on the battlefield.


This is your spoiler warning for something that happens in Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain that, ultimately, is pretty insignificant. Leave while you can.

Ok, so, there's a point in MGS5 when you can frolic around in the rain with Quiet, the game's barely clothed Sniper. It's an odd moment that feels like Kojima's homage to Tommy Wiseau's The Room.

Thankfully, the stalwart modders on PC have injected some much needed humour into the scene by replacing Quiet's character model with Revolver Ocelot's. The result is a heartwarming moment when two former enemies take their burgeoning friendship and partnership to the next level.

We won't go into detail about what happens, but it's a genuine moment of endearment in a game that, otherwise, deals with some rather grim subject matter.

Once you've watched that, we highly recommend watching this video of what happens when you replace DD's model with Ocelot's. Chase those warm fuzzy feelings up with a nice shot of abject terror.

In GameSpot's Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain review we awarded the game a 10/10 score.

The Phantom Pain will grow next month with the release the game's head-to-head multiplayer mode, Metal Gear Online for consoles. This multiplayer offering is coming in January 2016 for PC.

Earlier this year, Konami announced that it had started development on a new Metal Gear Solid game and was actively recruiting for the project. Meanwhile, series creator Hideo Kojima is expected to exit Konami, according to GameSpot's sources.

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