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Metal Gear Solid 5 Microtransactions System Explained

Players unearth new details about how MGSV's in-game currency works, along with real-world conversion prices.


Fresh details have emerged regarding how Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain incorporates microtransactions, following the game's worldwide release on Tuesday.

The add-on payment model is centred on one of the game's two multiplayer modes, called Forward Operating Base. This is essentially an extension of the single-player Mother Base system, where players can expand their offshore fortress and, in turn, generate more resources that will assist them in the single-player campaign.

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This concept incorporates multiplayer features too, because players can go online and raid other people's bases, capturing its resources and income if successful.

As Konami has previously stated, the first Forward Operating Base (or FOB) will be given to players for free.

Those who want to build a second FOB will need to pay between 1000 and 1200 Mother Base Coins, according to a screenshot published on Kotaku.

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While Mother Base Coins can be collected in-game, the bank balance will grow slowly. One screenshot suggests that players who go online will have a daily cap of 80 coins to earn, providing they complete various challenges.

Due to the game's connectivity issues at launch, it is not yet clear how challenging it will be to earn these coins. Information supplied by Konami in-game states that "you will start receiving rewards after proceeding to a certain point in the game."

However, players have an alternative choice. They can can buy MB Coins with real-world money to rapidly increase their bank balance.

As shown on the UK PlayStation Store, 6000 Mother Base coins can be purchased for £40 (which equates to $61). Meanwhile, the New Zealand PlayStation Store is selling 6000 MB coins for NZ$80 (which equates to about $57).

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While the US PlayStation Store has yet to list the price of Mother Base coins, the data from other territories would suggest the price for 6000 MB coins in North America should be around $60.

The full picture emerging is that Metal Gear Solid V does not include an outright pay-wall, as the publisher has previously insisted, but instead a system where meaningful progress can be made by using real-world money.

One crucial detail that is currently missing from the equation is how much advantage players with more than one FOB will have over those with only the free starter base. Due to the connectivity issues surrounding the game at launch, this has yet to be determined.

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