Metal Gear Solid 5 Adding Human and Horse Costume DLC

Check out some images of the new DLC coming to The Phantom Pain.


Konami's Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain is gearing up to add a variety of costume DLC, for human characters and horses, it has been revealed. During Konami's Tokyo Game Show panel this week, the company announced the new multiplayer content, some of which is based on past games.

The first is some alternate D-Horse armor, which gives the steed a more regal look. There are also new outfits for female soldiers, including a suit for The Boss and Eva's outfit from Snake Eater. In addition, Snake himself is getting some new costumes, including a James Bond-like tuxedo. Check out some images in the gallery below, while the full video follows at the bottom of this post.

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Konami has not announced pricing details for these costumes, but we'll have that information as soon as it's available.

The Phantom Pain shipped on September 1 behind glowing review scores, including a 10/10 from GameSpot. Meanwhile, sources told GameSpot in March that series creator Hideo Kojima was expected to exit Konami after the game ships due to a strained relationship with Konami.

Later that month, Konami announced that it had started development on a new Metal Gear Solid game and was actively recruiting for the project. However, a recent report casts some doubt on the future of the franchise as it relates to AAA releases. This followed a report from April that exposed a troubling culture inside of Konami, one in which employees are reportedly monitored by surveillance cameras.

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