Metal Gear Solid 4 trailer announced for TGS

Visitors to next week's Tokyo Game Show will get the first look at Solid Snake on PS3.


TOKYO--Konami and Kojima Productions announced they will show the first trailer of Metal Gear Solid 4 on the PlayStation 3 during next week's Tokyo Game Show. Konami hasn't clarified yet whether the trailer will be running as a real-time demo on actual PS3 hardware at the show or if it will simply be a prerecorded clip, but either way, this will be the first time Metal Gear Solid 4 is shown in action using the powers of Sony's next-generation console.

Konami originally announced Metal Gear Solid 4 for the PlayStation 3 at May's E3, and it showed off a five-minute trailer that announced the project's launch and revealed its core production staff. However, the trailer didn't give any indication of what Solid Snake would look like on Sony's anticipated next-generation console because it was rendered on a PlayStation 2.

Facts are few and far between at the moment, but it is known that Metal Gear Solid 4 is set a few years after the end of Metal Gear Solid 2. Solid Snake, not Raiden, will be returning as the main character, and many of the characters from the series will be making a return, including Otacon, Revolver Ocelot, and Meryl Silverburgh.

The tagline of Metal Gear Solid 4 is "No place to hide," and it is expected that the real-time Metal Gear Solid 4 trailer to be shown at the Tokyo Game Show will give some hints on just how that applies to the game. Metal Gear Solid 4 is being developed with series creator Hideo Kojima serving as director and producer, while Zone of Enders 2 director Shuyo Murata will share codirecting duties. Longtime Metal Gear character designer Yoji Shinkawa will return for the new game as well.

Another Kojima game to be on the lookout for at this year's Tokyo Game Show is Metal Gear Acid 2 for the PSP. Kojima Productions revealed it will be disclosing "stunning top secret information" regarding Metal Gear Acid 2 during the show, teasing gamers with the phrase "Solid Eye."

The development team also launched a mysterious Web page that appears to be a mission briefing. It calls for gamers to bring their PSPs to the Tokyo Game Show, most likely to obtain a downloadable demo of Metal Gear Acid 2 at the show, which Konami previously announced.

Gamers who check out Konami's booth will also get to try out Metal Gear Solid 3: Subsistence to see how different the game plays from the original MGS3. Konami will also be holding a tournament using Subsistence's multiplayer online mode, and Kojima himself will be making appearances at some of the 21 scheduled Metal Gear Solid stage events at Konami's booth.

The Tokyo Game Show will take place at the Makuhari Convention Center in Chiba prefecture September 16-18. The first day is open to industry affiliates only, but days two and three will be open to the public. Tickets are available for advance sale at 1,000 yen ($9) and can also be purchased at the show for 1,200 yen ($11).

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