Metal Gear Solid 3-Themed Co-Op Event Coming To Survive

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Konami has announced a co-op event for Metal Gear Survive on PS4, Xbox One, and PC that draws inspiration from Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater. The event, titled 'The Encounter 1964,' is set to launch on April 10 and will run for two weeks.

According to Konami, the event will feature "recognisable elements and fatigues from Snake Eater" as "items such as the iconic Crocodile Cap, camo fatigues worn by Naked Snake, and EVA's jumpsuit can be added to the user's avatar." Additionally, "a new cassette detailing the Shagohod can also be found." You can take a look at the new cosmetic items in the image below.

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Metal Gear Survive takes place after the events of Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes. You play as a member of Snake's army who gets sucked through a wormhole to find yourself in a harsh alternate reality filled with crazed zombie-like creatures. Here, health, hunger, and thirst become your immediate concerns as you venture out into the unknown in search of resources to stay alive.

In GameSpot's Metal Gear Survive review it received a 5/10, saying that it is "oppressive, demanding, and obtuse, and needlessly so." This is "a shame because there's actually a good survival game in there, but the pressures it places on you make uncovering and enjoying that unappealing," we said.

"Over time the ability to manage thirst and hunger becomes slightly more manageable, especially if you play the multiplayer, but the lead up to that is debilitating," we continued. "There's some satisfaction to be had if you persevere and savor the small victories, but you'll quickly find yourself thinking about if your time would be better spent playing something else."

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