Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater Update

We get a closer look at the ECTS trailer for Solid Snake's next PlayStation 2 outing.


Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater

At a press event today, Konami showed off a new trailer for Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater. The trailer was first shown last week at ECTS in London and offers brief glimpses of the gameplay in the upcoming title as well as some flashes of goofy humor. The trailer offered closer looks at the lush jungle environments that have been seen previously, different gameplay elements, and a variety of special effects. Scenes that showed off the jungle environments also showed off booby traps such as spiky tree trunks that swung from tree branches as well as a rope trap that caught Snake and strung him up by his ankle.

The outdoor sequences also showed Snake sneaking up on a rather menacing crocodile and some unfriendly-looking dogs. Other segments in the trailer showed off a cave area that featured some nice lighting effects from the torch Snake uses to light his way--the torchlight on the reflective pools of water was a good-looking effect, though Snake was a bit too busy to appreciate the effect, since he was too busy fighting off a horde of unruly bats with this torch.

Another area in the cave also showed off shafts of light coming from the outside and into water Snake is swimming through. A rainstorm that comes down on Snake as he's hanging upside down after being caught by a rope trap showed off some very cool effects for the water as it slid off his body. The trailer closed with a segment that showed the head of the crocodile seen earlier going down the river towards an enemy soldier. A few moments later Snake pops up, with the crocodile head strapped to his own, and blows him away. Despite the rather goofy set up, we noticed that the crocodile head showed off some rudimentary physics as both it and Snake shook while he fired his rifle. The action in the trailer was made all the more surreal due to a brassy theme song that resembles the kind of vocal track you'd expect to hear at the opening of a James Bond film. While Konami didn't offer any new concrete details on the game, the trailer still offered some tantalizing hints of what is to come.

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