Metal Gear Online Eva Outfit Can Be Unzipped for "Tactical Advantage"

Buy the jumpsuit that Eva wore during Operation Snake Eater for 99 cents.


Now that Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain's multiplayer mode, Metal Gear Online, has gone live, Konami has started to sell DLC for it. One piece of DLC available now is a new jumpsuit for the Eva character that provides a "tactical advantage" when her chest area is unzipped.

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Here's the official description: "Jumpsuit that the female spy EVA wore during Operation Snake Eater. The chest area can be unzipped for a tactical advantage. *For female staff only"

You can buy the Jumpsuit costume right now for 99 cents. It was announced earlier this month, and is just one of many pieces of add-on content available for Metal Gear Online. Other available content includes another open-chested outfit modeled after the one The Boss worse in Operation Snake Eater, as well as various horse armor and a tuxedo costume. Check out all the available DLC here on the game's Xbox page.

In addition to the arrival of Metal Gear Online and its DLC, Konami has released a new update for the game's other multiplayer mode, Forward Operating Base (FOB), which includes new missions, equipment, and the option to spend real money to insure bases.

The Phantom Pain shipped on September 1 behind glowing review scores, including a 10/10 from GameSpot. Meanwhile, sources told GameSpot in March that series creator Hideo Kojima was expected to exit Konami after the game ships due to a strained relationship with Konami. His future plans have yet to come into focus.

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