Metal Gear Collection 2014 Isn't A New Game Compilation Pack, It's A Clothing Line


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During the Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain presentation at the Tokyo Game Show, Konami officially announced the Metal Gear Collection 2014, after Hideo Kojima teased a reveal last week. It's not a new video game compilation pack, but rather a clothing line.

Polygon reports that the Metal Gear Collection 2014 will feature clothing items designed for men and women, including shoes and accessories. As you might expect, the clothing and accessories are mostly camouflage-based and feature the Foxhound logo.

Image credit: Polygon
Image credit: Polygon

We also got a look at a special-edition white Metal Gear Solid V PlayStation 4, a snake action figure, an iDroid-inspired smartphone case, and even a posable replica of Snake's prosthesis from the game.

It's unclear when the Metal Gear Collection 2014 will go on sale. But if you just can't wait to buy clothing based on the popular series, third-party retailer Musterbrand offers its own Metal Gear clothing line.

Regarding actual video game news, Konami released a new Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain trailer (above) during its TGS briefing and confirmed that the game will launch in 2015.

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Avatar image for hypgnosis

I was so pissed when it turned out to be clothes. MGS 5 will lose some sales because not every one has played all the past MGS games, and not releasing a legacy collection for the current gen is stupid.

Avatar image for forkandplate

The only people who will buy this will be the hardcore fans.

Avatar image for kazeswen

Imagine a Final Fantasy / Metal Gear Collection,

Zippers, colorful vests, eye patches, OMG. the horror

Avatar image for roman4545

loll...... so much for "beggars" that want this for their so-called PC master race... hahahaha

master failure of begging more likely.

Avatar image for Ayato_Kamina_1

<< LINK REMOVED >> You know a lot of PC gamers have consoles too, right? So it's more a case of having a PC to play multi plat releases and PC exclusives that look amazing etc. then also having the consoles to play console exclusives as well.

Avatar image for nazgoroth

<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> Nope only peasants only have consoles... You've got to stay true to the master race!

Also, i believe people who claim they're part of a "master race" jokingly or not should be castrated with a sledgehammer.

Avatar image for xwulfd

I cant wait for Square enix clothing line.

Imagine those massive zippers!! the possibilities!

Avatar image for kazeswen

<< LINK REMOVED >> I got dips on Vaan's fabulous vest

Avatar image for Ayato_Kamina_1

<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> Vaan... the most irrelevant of all characters. Also looks a bit like Fernando Torres

Avatar image for azunaki

<< LINK REMOVED >> you sure the zippers wouldn't be sold separately?

Avatar image for TehUndeadHorror

And the troll of the year award goes to Kojima, yet again.

Avatar image for immortaltech6

The slippery downward slope continues after peaking at MGS 3.

Avatar image for KBABZ

It wouldn't surprise me, given that it's Kojima, if the men's line consisted of entirely of badass camo suits, while the women only got Quiet's thong.

Avatar image for Yomigaeru

<< LINK REMOVED >> If I, as a male, don't get to wear Quiet's thong...then I will make the streets run red.

Avatar image for KBABZ

Men: Badass camo suit

Women: Quiet's thong. Ugh.

Avatar image for b1ank


Avatar image for barbarossa213

Remember when Konami used to make a work of art known as the Suikoden series? Before they ran it into the ground that is. Maybe they should take one or two eggs out of the Metal Gear Solid basket and create another masterpiece RPG and actually let gamers know it exists. It disgusts me to think of all the exquisite Suikoden stories we could have had if Konami had spent even a fifth of the marketing on it as they do on the MGS franchise.

Avatar image for Yomigaeru

<< LINK REMOVED >> I don't know about running it into the ground. I remember how awesome Suikoden V was, and then there was that DS game (Tierkreis, I think)...but I don't know if they made any others, or if they were just Japan-only.

Avatar image for barbarossa213
<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> Suikoden V was great, and gave me hope for the series future. Even Suikoden IV and Suikoden Tactics are good in their own way. Tierkreis was pretty horrible compared to previous Suikoden games, (though decent as a standalone RPG), and Genso Suikoden: Tsumugareshi Hyakunen no Toki wasn't released in the U.S., but it also doesn't follow the "Suikoden" storyline.

After that, Konami made a slot machine game based on Suikoden IV and has since disbanded the team that made Suikoden games. With Tierkreis and
Tsumugareshi Hyakunen no Toki Konami decided to "expand" Suikoden into the whole multi-verse crap that Marvel, DC, Final Fantasy, etc are doing. So even if we do see another Suikoden game, odds are it won't "feel" like Suikoden.
Avatar image for ExoticCharm

A clothing line...

If there was every a doubt that the series should just fade away, this is it.

Avatar image for Ephidel

<< LINK REMOVED >> When it's popular enough for a clothing line of all things, what makes you think it could possibly fade away?

Avatar image for Zloth2

<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> Not "could" - "should".

Avatar image for nazgoroth

<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> Agreed... let it die already.

Avatar image for Pauly_D

So they're going to sell boxes that we can wear?

Avatar image for Raizak

Kojima's reaching that age guys. The gifts of clothing are the first sign.

Avatar image for funkerazmain


Avatar image for roman4545

<< LINK REMOVED >> I guess you prefer Spongebob clothing over this...... your anger proved the point hahahhaa

Avatar image for Evil_Sidekick

<< LINK REMOVED >> Sadly....nerds will.

Avatar image for cboye18

Military gear.....can't get more boring than that.

Avatar image for playstationzone

well he not smart because i bet MGS Collection rebulid for PS4,Xbox1,PC will sell NO1 so guess people will twitter him if dont bring collection on pc ,ps4,xbox1 we wont buy anymore your games again.

Avatar image for TheDarkNut

So disappointed. I thought they will finally port MGS3 and 4 to PC

Avatar image for igorphoenix

<< LINK REMOVED >> I get it that some people don't like PS3 (I don't get why but that's another question) but MGS3 was released on five different platforms already is there really need for another one?

Avatar image for istuffedsunny


Avatar image for koolkat14

I find this hilarious because everyone (including me) expect it to be a games collection but instead it's actually about clothes. Talk about misleading. XD

Avatar image for Barighm

<< LINK REMOVED >> Yeah, this is just how marketing is these days: tease something interesting to build interest, then give us something else entirely. Bait and switch and all that. Hype and mislead. You can't really trust anything related to a AAA developer these days.

Avatar image for Hurvl

<< LINK REMOVED >> First a Destiny perfume and now this, what is the gaming world coming to?

Avatar image for Shunten

Not the collection I was hoping for.

Avatar image for DanielL5583


Avatar image for endorbr

So fish net stalkings and a bra with the Diamond Dogs logo. Sniper rifle not included.

Avatar image for Hurvl

<< LINK REMOVED >> Don't forget the Snake skin boots.

Avatar image for Yomigaeru

<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> Do those come in men's sizes? No reason the bros should miss out on Quiet's get-up, right?

Avatar image for Too-DementeD

Kojima is a huge troll. First bomberman, now this.
I'm wondering if he's doing this for an ulterior reason.

Avatar image for DrKill09


Avatar image for sladakrobot

Includes also clothes of Quite?

Avatar image for Stebsis

Knowing Kojima I'm guessing women's wear is mostly black bikini, torn pantyhose, shirts with neckline down to belly button to show maximum cleavage and incredibly tight leather shirts to emphasize breast size

Avatar image for Pewbert

Great journalism Eddie.

"A different gaming website has made an article about something. Here it is."

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