Metal Gear Acid to burn the PSP

Konami identifies the all-new Solid Snake game briefly glimpsed at the presentation of Sony's portable. First screens inside.


Of all the games included in Sony's montage of PSP titles yesterday, few generated as much excitement as the then-unnamed title, Metal Gear Acid.

Attendees at the Sony event were split over whether the game would be an all-new title or a port of an earlier game in the series. Doubts also grew after the Konami press conference, where MGS creator Hideo Kojima refused to answer questions about the title, causing some to wonder if he was even involved in its development.

Now, Konami has answered those questions. In a brief press release, Konami announced that Kojima was working on Metal Gear Acid, an all-new Solid Snake for the PSP. The publisher said nothing else about the title, other than it would "redefine handheld action gaming" and that more information would be released "at a later date."

Check back in the near future for more information on Solid Snake's new adventure on the PSP.

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