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Metal Gear Acid site now live

Teaser site for Konami's anticipated PSP release ready for gamers.


TOKYO--This past weekend, Konami's teaser Web site for Metal Gear Acid went live. The site currently features both English and Japanese sections, but the information on display is limited. In fact, the site currently only features the game's logo, a few screenshots, and the 3-month-old E3 trailer, as well as a comments submission form.

As revealed at E3, Metal Gear Acid will feature graphics similar to the PS2 game, but in the context of card-based strategic battles. You'll move hero Solid Snake around small cell-based maps, selecting cards that do such things as open fire on the enemy or allow you to hide inside a cardboard box.

Many of the available cards that have been revealed so far are based on items and characters from previous Metal Gear Solid games. For example, the Colonel Roy Campbell card lets you bomb a 5x5 area, and the Metal Gear Ray card lets you attack the five cells in front of Snake for 100 points of damage.

Cards fall into five categories: Action cards, such as the Best Shot card, allows you to kill an opponent with one hit; Item cards, such as body armor that can decrease damage; Support cards, such as Elude; Weapon cards, such as a SOCOM gun card that can do 10 points of damage without making a sound; and Character cards as mentioned above.

Metal Gear Acid takes place a while after Snake's retirement, suggesting that its setting is after the Metal Gear solid series. There is at least one new character that you'll be able to control: a girl with short blonde hair. While it's unknown if Metal Gear Acid will have voices, an illustration of the character that's speaking will be displayed on the screen whenever the game goes into event scenes.

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