Metal Gear Acid 2 to use 3D PSP peripheral

Sequel to portable card-battle spin-off will employ the "Solid Eye" visual add-on.


According to the latest issue of Famitsu, Konami's Metal Gear Acid 2 for the PSP will play with the use of a special peripheral called the "Solid Eye." By attaching the peripheral--which looks like a set of binoculars that matches the PSP's body color--gamers will be able to see portions of Metal Gear Acid 2 in 3D. The attachment will be bundled with Metal Gear Acid 2.

In a short interview with Famitsu, director Shinta Nojiri reveals that the storyline for Metal Gear Acid 2 will be completely new and separate from the original Metal Gear Acid. In Metal Gear Acid 2, Snake will be infiltrating a military faction, where he discovers the existence of a new Metal Gear. The game will also feature a new heroine named Venus, who has long, blond hair and a red costume.

As a new feature, Metal Gear Acid 2 will let players challenge each other via the PSP's built-in Wi-Fi connection. Each player will control two characters for strategic battling, as in the game's single-player mode.

Metal Gear Acid 2 is slated for release in Japan on December 8, three weeks after the game hits the US on November 15.

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