Mercury Meltdown remixed on PS2

Ignition Entertainment solidifies plans to bring upcoming PSP puzzle game to the living room.


While the PlayStation Portable library has been criticized as relying too heavily on ports from existing console games, several titles have made the cross-platform jump in the opposite direction. Q Entertainment's puzzle game Lumines was the surprise hit of the PSP launch, and versions of the game are now headed to the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 2. Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories, while based in part on the PS2 hit Grand Theft Auto III, was different enough for publisher Take-Two to port the game back to the PS2 and release it with a budget price tag.

Now Mercury Meltdown, the sequel to PSP puzzler Archer Maclean's Mercury set for release next month, has also spawned a PS2 edition. Ignition Entertainment has announced that it will be bringing Mercury Meltdown Remix to the PS2, once again challenging players to guide a blob of the unusual element through a number of labyrinthine laboratories, avoiding traps and finding the way to safety.

In addition to more levels than in either of the previous Mercury games, the PS2 Remix will also make use of the PS2 controller's second analog stick. The left analog stick will control the movement of players' blobs, while the second will allow them to move the camera around to get an ideal view of the action.

Mercury Meltdown Remix is slated for a November release in North America and Europe.

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