Mercs 2 conquers UK chart

EA's open-world shooter blasts into the charts at first place; Too Human slips out of top 10 after one week.


Mercenaries 2 proves it likes a challenge. Despite receiving mixed reviews from critics, the open-world action game has debuted at the top of this week's UK sales chart. EA's latest destructive offering beat out last week's numero uno, Tiger Woods PGA Tour 09, and sim-everything Spore, which find themselves in second and third places respectively. It's not all bad news for Will Wright's evolutionary epic, though; according to Chart-Track, Spore accounted for 53 percent of full-price PC games sales last week.

Following EA's top-three hat-trick is the usual Nintendo fare including Wii Fit, Carnival Games, Mario Kart Wii, Wii Play, Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games, and Big Beach Sports, with WALL-E rounding off the top 10.

After spending one week in the top 10 at eighth, Too Human has dropped out of the top 10, to 16th. Other new entrants that have failed to make much of an impression on the sales records to date include Viva Pinata: Trouble in Paradise, which debuted at 23, and Stalker: Clear Sky which entered the chart at 25.

There'll be new competition this week from the likes of Crysis Warhead, Warhammer: Battle March for Xbox 360, and a price-slashed Rock Band finally competing across multiple platforms.

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itll just be cos its mentioned in the message, i got mercs 2 other day, despite having some frankly hilarious balance issues and having to worst designed motor bikes ive ever riddden in game its a funny and entertaining game to play. tho tad short

Avatar image for syneris

This has nothing to do with spore or mario kart wii. Why does gamespot insist on spamming me with updates unrelated to the game it's posted for?

Avatar image for Stabby

For crying out loud GameSpot! "Mixed reviews from CRITICS"? You mean you right? It has a 75% at Game Rankings, thats roughly considered generally favourable... I haven't played Mercs 2 but it doesn't matter if it deserved 5 or not, its that GS seems to think they really do know all. If they said CRITIC instead of CRITICS on the other hand...

Avatar image for Lukaex

Oh i get it by "Mixed Reviews" they mean the retard who reviewed it on gamespot.

Avatar image for ColdGen

Can't be as shabby as the GS review proposes than can it?

Avatar image for soulja_gam3r

now i know to wait till too human gets cheaper!

Avatar image for kbaily

It's just a shame that people shell out money for any crappy action game with guns instead of buying truly unique and original games.

Avatar image for thekey

No. What the problem(The fact of the matter)is, that this whole Videogame generation has changed.The generation is way different than the hardcore Genesis vs Super nes generation. We are living in a world of games where they look better, sound better, and have a much larger budget. But when it all comes down to it, they don't PLAY better. In my opinion Mercs 2 sux,it's bland and shallow just like the first one, and so does the Wii and 90% of it's games. Thats just my opinion. How ever it goes to show that this is a different generation indeed. Who would have ever thought that the Wii would be #1!?! Who would have thought that a $600 console would sell 14 million units world wide!?! Who would have ever though the MS would have several games that sell over a million copies and yet have so many hardware issues!?! It's funny because Nintendo, and Sony are in oposite positions(1 and 3), and MS is in the same position.(2) LOL!!!! This is indeed a DIFERENT generation of gamers...

Avatar image for deadeye75

bassbomber20, did you even played mercs 2? That game is crazy fun, Gamespot's review was terrible. The glitches, though numerous, are not game breaking in any way. Some even enhance the fun with the total randomness.

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Well Spore has not been out for one but 3 days in UK, as Europe release was at 5th. So in 3 days, yes that is a nice result.

Avatar image for jknight5422

Viva Pinata had higher review scores than Mercs & it only made it to #23. I guess consumers aren't following the review scores.

Avatar image for houtx1836

It amazing the games people buy - especially when a controller is included

Avatar image for bassbomber20

Wow, thanks for the good laugh, I needed that this morining! "Merc 2's in the #1 spot"... A game that is 5/10 and it's #1... what does that say about our quality standards these days....

Avatar image for delcidanddarth

Sorry to burst your bubble, gamespot, but Mercs 2 was actually a lot of fun. Maybe you wanted the international version of GTA, but blowing up buildings and cities is fun on its own.

Avatar image for ukillwegrill

EA and Nintendo, own that chart.

Avatar image for Darkreaper_1

Wow! I can't believe this chart. So many crap games. I think the only decent one of there is Mario Kart Wii!

Avatar image for warlockkkk

Wow nice chart wheres the real games........oh sad face

Avatar image for warlockkkk


Avatar image for Pete5506

Mercs 2 was a alright game

Avatar image for smithers43

mercs 2 is not that good it LOOKED that good but it was only fun to destroy stuff the AI was bad and just not that fun SPORE will soon be #1 it was only out for 1 day and still reached the #3 slot

Avatar image for Juggernaut140

Good. Mercs 2 deserves it. It's a great game that was criminally underrated.

Avatar image for death_burnout

Looking at 4 downwards makes me embarrased to be british (except "mario kart wii")

Avatar image for Dumper1

Another average EA game goes to NO1, when will people ever learn?

Avatar image for Daytona_178

Noooo, its never good when mediocre games sell lots!

Avatar image for coruscant

Mercs 2 doesn't deserve the bashing it gets from people.

Avatar image for hannify

swamplord666 - pc only perhaps?

Avatar image for Alphamale001

Why all the hate for Mercs 2? It is a grand title to close out the summer games to get ready for the fall/winter avalanche. I played it a ton, got all but 9 achievements and still want to play more. If you are still surprised by Nintendo dominating the sales charts with Wii titles, you haven't been paying attention for almost two years now. The Wii is selling like crazy around the world. Get enough people to buy them and even some of the polished shovelware will make it to the top of charts. Too Human was there for a week.

Avatar image for Rickhavoc2

Wow nice chart wheres the real games........oh sad face :(

Avatar image for maxxehdood

this goes to show.. if you have a good advert, the UK will buy it. nearly every game here was advertised on TV. I hate the casual market.. it creates lazy devs and poor games.. but the average parents will love that 'waggling the stick' will move a character. "look how far games have come!" I've heard some people say... jesus.. There should be laws on QC

Avatar image for randomrings

those are top 10 sales? uk kids must have some... interesting game taste

Avatar image for AM_DAVE

Its rubbish! i started the single player as jenny and i loaded it up the next day as a different character i mean WTF!?!?

Avatar image for mattcake

And this is exactly why you shouldn't pre-order games based on flaky previews and screenshots alone :) I was really looking forward to it, now it'll be a 6 quid a month rental at best :P

Avatar image for juggleJUGGLER

spore and mercs 2 are the only good games on this list.

Avatar image for Lord_Alan

The only games in that list that are not rubbish are Spore and Mario Kart.

Avatar image for samuelmontague

best game eva mercs 32 is awsome im currently making a vid on it for utube its taking ages but it is awsome it has all of the gliches in a very LONG vidoe for a ver BIG glichified game

Avatar image for tyzwain

Well Mercs 2 is entertaining. Gameplay-wise, its a step up from the original. True its buggy and graphics aren't as impressive, but I like it.

Avatar image for ptown58

Everyone is so desperate for a new shooter that a 5/10 game is popular but that doesn't mean its any good . Its worth an arcade price.

Avatar image for NinjaMunkey01

Oh god no... But then look what else is there. Tiger woods, wii fit and... oh no.... wall-E /facepalm

Avatar image for pete_merlin

im ashamed to see mercs 2 stand tall at the top. its lucky the good games havnt been released yet.

Avatar image for JacDG


Avatar image for Edcase

I havent got the game, but a friend of mine who loved the first said that it was complete **** I think alot of people bought it because of the first. The whole top ten are so bad, just shows ou how slow the gaming world is at the moment, i havent played an epic game in ages. Also itwiz90 what the hell are you on about...the blues aint big in the UK lmao

Avatar image for ColdfireTrilogy

sick of shovelware . full stop

Avatar image for chickenfeed9

Gamespot should do this every week...

Avatar image for akif22

seeing my own country's sales chart is quite depressing .. it's shameful most of the time the market's way too casual

Avatar image for 4esth

Mercs 2 is fun, I just had to put the graphics aside. I mean, they aren't horrible, the explosions are the best part, but everything else is pretty bland.

Avatar image for itwiz90

Hey, the UK has an all different set of likes and dislikes. For instance the Blues is more popular over there than it is in the US. :roll: 8)

Avatar image for Lord_Regnier

I thought Stalker and Viva Pinata would do a lot better than that:(

Avatar image for football_legend

Cant believe such a crappy game made it into top 10, albeit 1st! I mean no offense to the devs and the fans, from what I've seen from the gameplay videos and all, the game looks like poor PS2 graphics quality with some serious glitches.

Avatar image for gzader

Ever notice how if gamespot DOESN'T post a timely review then it's a poor/avg review when they do post one? So now the rule is, if Gamespot doesn't have a review on opening day, they must think it's a dog, or at least below an 8. At least thats how it's been on the PC.

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