Men of Valor MIA until Q4 2004

Sierra and 2015's PC and Xbox shooter won't deploy until the end of the year.


GameSpot has learned that Men of Valor: Vietnam has been delayed until Q4 2004. Publisher--and VU Games subsidiary--Sierra had previously indicated the PC and Xbox title would be out during the first half of the year, after being pushed back from a Holiday 2003 release. No explanation for the new date was given.

Men of Valor: Vietnam is being developed by 2015 Games, the creators of Medal of Honor: Allied Assault. The first-person, Vietnam War-era shooter will follow a squad of American soldiers through a several hot combat zones, including the ancient city of Hue during the 1968 Tet Offensive. For more Men of Valor, check out our Q&A with 2015's John Whitmore.

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