Men in Black/Jump Street Crossover Is Happening, New Details Revealed

Get the details on the action-comedy's reported cast, production start date, and more.


The rumors were right, apparently. Variety reports today that Sony is working on a Men in Black/Jump Street crossover film, confirming rumors that stemmed from the Sony email hack.

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Sources told the Hollywood news site that Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum will reprise their roles as Jenko and Schmidt and will also serve as producers. The Muppets director James Bobin is reportedly being eyed to helm the action-comedy, while production could start in June, despite no official greenlight yet.

Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones from the Men in Black series, however, are not coming back for the crossover, according to Variety. Instead, the roles of Agent Jay and Agent Kay will be filled by "younger, fresher faces."

Bobin is taking over for 21 Jump Street and 22 Jump Street directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller, the report says, because the pair are now working on Disney's Han Solo movie.

Story details for 23 Jump Street/Men in Black are being kept under wraps for now. In fact, Variety reported that Sony is requiring that most people drive to its studio HQ to read the script. The script was written by Rodney Rothman, who worked on 22 Jump Street.

Men in Black producers Walker Parkes and Laurie MacDonald said in 2015 that a Sony is also considering reviving the Men in Black series for a new trilogy, though it's unclear if Smith will be involved.

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Avatar image for tiny9999000

Great... Younger and fresher" faces... because that always works so well.. ok well in certain cases it has worked pretty good but Will Smith has aged like 4 years in the past 20, and Tommy Lee Jones well he is Tommy Lee Jones unless he doesn't want to reprise his role as agent Kay then there is no need to get a younger face, besides a good crossover would stay as true to the original as possible and showing them almost 20 years later would stay true to the original, and they don't have to star just cameo... get two different agents to be with Tatum and Hill, that would make more sense.

Avatar image for leon00x

Oh no...

Avatar image for mcnugget

No no no no no no no no. You NEED Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones for this crossover to mean anything. They ARE the Men in Black.

Avatar image for hishamramzan

I don't see how Jump Street and Men in Black crossover is gonna work, specially when Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones are not gonna star as Agent J and Agent K

Avatar image for rosinmonkekyx17

That's a good one Sony

Oh wait...

Avatar image for chipmunkkungfu

i bet sony wish they still got the rights for spiderman so they can make a triple xover

Avatar image for ohjtbehaaave

Nobody asked for this Sony. Sounds awful. Must be some kind of a joke.

Avatar image for Blitzer9999GT

Will Smith is so stupid, he turned down Independence Day sequel, turned down this, he only does crap movies, wish he would get off his high chair.

Avatar image for Mokuba34

@Blitzer9999GT: Will was rejected from doing ID2 as they didn't want to pay him the 25Million to do the 2 squeal movies but this crossover movies has nothing to do with that or MIB as its more of a cash grab that i dont see as being that good with the excuse of "younger, fresher faces."

Avatar image for jedidave

@Mokuba34: not true. They came to him to do id2 but he was already signed to do suicide squad

Avatar image for JohnCrichton

That sounds absolutely atrocious...

Avatar image for redeemer6666

Get the **** out with this bullshit!

Avatar image for louixiii


Avatar image for JustPlainLucas

As if the concept of the crossover wasn't stupid enough, no Jones and Smith easily makes this a pass.

Avatar image for iamtfc

Weird crossover missing half the stars? No thanks, I'll pass.

Avatar image for ExoticCharm

Ruining Ghosbusters wasn't enough for Sony, now they are moving on to other series to destroy.

Avatar image for thack57


Avatar image for playstationzone

Sony movies killing classics robocop, ghostbusters . Know this going kill men in black . No will smith and no tony lee Jones not instrested . All flop movies

Avatar image for deactivated-5887c3545bd6c

@playstationzone: after the last MIB, the series needs new blood, that means no smith or jones

Avatar image for PyreofKoL

@haze0986: While I agree with that, I feel like that they shouldn't be using those characters if they're not gonna keep at least Will Smith. Tommy Lee Jones looked a bit tired in MIB 3, so I'm fine with him getting a break. In any event, this seems like a disaster waiting to happen in my opinion.

Avatar image for snake8877

@haze0986: dont get this moder trend of not letting things die. it does not need new blood. it needs to be left alone . not everything needs to become a franchise. MIB was great , we all had fun , now leave it alone

Avatar image for lfebaggins

@snake8877: MIB 2 and 3 were terrible, having atleast one good sequel would be nice

Avatar image for playstationzone

@snake8877: I agree you should leave alone

Aslo should done new ghostbusters 3 instead Sony movies remade classic and look awful

Avatar image for BruceWayneJr

@snake8877: Thank you. The reason stories don't end anymore is because these companies are shameless in trying to wring every last dollar out of something that was previously successful. So we get flooded with sequels that are either retreads or so lame that they shouldn't have ever been attempted. And because people are suckers for hype and brand names and real quick to spend their money, churning out this retread crap is way easier than coming up with something new and fresh.

Avatar image for snake8877

@BruceWayneJr: yeah sadly this is the trend movies AND games are taking . Remember when a new console came out and almost every game was a new ip .

Avatar image for darksoleride

I wonder if this will be one of those films that is going to be so bad its hilariously good. Or It is so absurd and strange it turns out brilliant.

Avatar image for Lord_Sesshy

I prefer MIB 1 where it had funny parts but wasn't a comedy like 2 and 3. This is just going way to far and is going to ruin the franchise even more.

Avatar image for AlvinFox

You know what would sound even better? 21 Jump Street + Men In Black + Ghostbusters. Going after the ghosts of alien criminals in college.

Avatar image for immortality20

I love the first 2 jump street movies but this sounds terrible.

Avatar image for spaced92

The stupidity of the premise is fantastic, I approve.

Avatar image for zinten

Uh I though I was on "game"spot ? /s

Please dont turn into another ign, if we want news about movies, we could maybe just go to a movie website.

Avatar image for vfighter

I really don't see the connection between these, why?!?

Avatar image for spaced92

@vfighter: The credits in 22 Jump Street had lots of "jumping the shark" movie ideas for the next one so obviously a MiB crossover is the logical step, replacing Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith with "younger, fresher faces" is a comical reference to replacing the tv actors of 21 Jump Street. Let's be real, I don't think the chemistry would have quite been there anyway.

Avatar image for vfighter

@spaced92: I can't tell if you're serious or trolling me?

Avatar image for hyksiu

That must be the sony conematic universe.

Avatar image for brn-dn

I don't see why everyone is against this, it could work out very easily.

I love the Men in Black movies and the Jump Street movies were pretty decent so I'm looking forward to this.

Avatar image for thack57

The only thing that I can imagine being worse would be if they threw Rush Hour in the mix. Then I'd be on the lookout for 4 scary looking, buffed up dudes on horseback

Avatar image for PrpleTrtleBuBum

@thack57: And why stop there? They could throw in Ghostbusters (Aliens and Ghosts anyone?), Resident Evil (Aliens, Ghosts and Zombies anyone?), Spiderman (Aliens, Ghosts, Zombies and Venom anyone?) plus why not introduce Gone With The Wind and Magic Mike and James Bond in there too? The ultimate crossover movie.

Avatar image for thack57

@PrpleTrtleBuBum: Hey! You made me shit with that response. Which was good 'cuz I was on the crapper. But you left out Roots. O.J. on a work release starring as Kunta Kinte with George Clooney playing the soft-hearted plantation owner whose secret affair with Whoopie Goldberg must just the key to the South's ending slavery. Also starring Joseph Gordon Levitt as Capt. Hook in need of a good surgeon after trying to wipe himself with his hook hand. A must see movie for this generation.

In a world...

Avatar image for PrpleTrtleBuBum

@thack57: I just realized this sounds like the "plot" of a Scary Movie

Avatar image for BruceWayneJr

@PrpleTrtleBuBum: Yeah, who cares if it's good? We just GOTTA go see it!

Avatar image for thack57

@BruceWayneJr: If you purchase the season pass you'll get all the out takes and blooper reel plus a 5 gallon drum of soda but 3 of gallons of ice so it stays cold until the sequel comes out.

Avatar image for camou504

Well I like the Jump Street movies and i love the world of Men in Black so this is actually good news for me! Still I hope Will and Tommy make a guest appearance and get taken out by a monster sort of like what happened in 21 jump street

Avatar image for hahamanin

mib without tommy lee and will smith... yeah gonna be a great movie

Avatar image for mrbojangles25

These reboots must stop. MIB is not even that old, why rehash it already?

I want to see more reboots/sequels come out later, or reboot older titles. So many good old movies that could use a re-envisioning

Avatar image for thack57

@mrbojangles25: Because they know people are stupid enough to pay for it.

Avatar image for Barighm

@mrbojangles25: This didn't even need to be a reboot. It could easily have been a "passing the torch" sort of deal. All they had to do was get Smith for a cameo. Buggers.

Avatar image for doublem-k

"Bobin", hehe. Makes me smile, stupid i know :)

Avatar image for soarlozer

I rather they did the actual movies that they showed during the credits of 23 jump street lol.

Avatar image for Boddicker

*stunned silence*

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