Memorick, The Apprentice Knight announced

Microïds announces that it's working on an action adventure game inspired by Arthurian legends. First screens inside.


Knight's Apprentice, Memorick's Adventures

Microïds has today announced the development of Memorick, The Apprentice Knight--an action adventure game inspired by Arthurian legends. The game will see players assuming the role of a 15-year-old boy named Memorick who, after serving as apprentice to the wizard Merlin for a time, decides that he'd rather be a knight and sets off to defend his native land from the dark armies of King Arthur's sister, Morganna, and her son, Mordred.

"While taking the decision to develop a platformer title, choosing to do it on the Xbox was the most obvious and easy choice we had to make with this project," said Samuel Gatte, director of development for Microïds. "The graphic and programming possibilities are simply incredible. From the quality of the textures and the amount of polygons we can work with to the programming environment, every aspect of working with the Xbox is positive."

The game will consist of 11 levels set in eight distinct worlds, and it will see players battling with around 28 different types of monsters and five boss characters. Memorick's abilities will improve as players progress through the game, and in addition to walking and running, players will be able to ride a horse, slide on their shield, and even fly on the back of a gryphon.

Memorick, The Apprentice Knight is exclusive to the Xbox and is currently scheduled for release in time for Christmas. We'll bring you more information on the game as soon as it becomes available.

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