Melbourne fighting game magazine set to launch

The organizers of Battle Arena Melbourne launch Australia's first fighting game magazine.


Street Fighter IV
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If you're an Aussie fan of competitive fighting games, chances are you've got Battle Arena Melbourne (BAM) already down in your diary for October 1-2. The tournament is slated to pull in several hundred people and sees players from around the country face off in games like Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition, Marvel vs. Capcom 3, and much more.

In the lead-up to the competition, the organizers have put together a special tournament magazine called Double KO, which boasts itself as being "Melbourne's Only Fighting Game Magazine." Inside, readers will find exclusive player profiles, interviews with last year's BAM winners, and editorial content revolving around the fighting community.

Double KO will be available to purchase at BAM, with a digital version of the magazine to possibly be released further down the track. At this stage, it's uncertain whether the magazine will see a regular release pattern or if it will just be produced for special events.

For more info on BAM be sure to check out the website.

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