Melbourne, Australia, plays host to Capcom Pro Tour qualifier at BAM6

Melbourne, Australia, plays host to Capcom Pro Tour qualifier at BAM6


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This Friday, Saturday and Sunday, May 9-11, CouchWarriors will be hosting Battle Arena Melbourne 6 (BAM6), featuring a whopping 10 fighting game titles.

The top two ranking participants in five titles will qualify for the South East Asia Majors (SEAM) in Singapore on June 20-22.

The Super Street Fighter 4 AE tournament is a registered Capcom Pro Tour qualifier - it will allow participants to accrue ranking points for the Capcom Cup, and the winner will receive flights and accommodation for SEAM.

This 3-day event will also feature a free SF4 tournament for players who have never won a major, or who have never played competitively, in order to encourage participation.

Special guests for the weekend include Jefferey 'Chamba' Cruz, an artist for Udon Comics, and Mick Gordon, the sound designer/composer for Killer Instinct.

Friday night will feature exhibition matches, and infamous interstate rivalry matches.

Spectator passes are $5 for the day, or $10 across the 3-day event, which will also feature exhibits, vendors and cosplay. If you've ever been curious about the Australian fighting game scene, don't hesitate to drop by or hang out in the live stream. The scene is dynamic, friendly, and features world-class talent.

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