Melanie Lynskey's Husband Jason Ritter Played An Infected In The Last Of Us, And She Shot Him

Very romantic.


Melanie Lynskey revealed that her husband, fellow actor Jason Ritter, had a small cameo in HBO's The Last of Us as a clicker.

Spoilers for episode five of The Last of Us ahead.

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Lynskey portrayed a brand new character made just for the live-action adaptation of The Last of Us, Kathleen, the leader of a revolutionary group in Kansas city, and an antagonist of Joel and Ellie's. The actor recently appeared on The Tonight Show, where she told host Jimmy Fallon that Ritter played one of the infected, and she even got to shoot him.

"He was a stunt person. He trained with the stunt people and he just did all these amazing stunts," Lynskey explained to Fallon. "He got put in the makeup and he came out of the ground and was falling over and doing all of these … I shot him once." Ritter specifically appeared in the fifth episode of the show, Endure and Survive, where Kathleen and her group are chasing after Joel, Ellie, Henry and Sam, obviously during the climactic moment where a huge swarm of infected rises from beneath the ground going after anyone in sight.

HBO's take on The Last of Us has been doing very well, with the season finale hitting a new record for first-night viewership at 8.2 million viewers, overtaking House of the Dragon. It's also doing better than House of the Dragon in average viewers per episode, with The Last of Us averaging 30.4 million viewers an episode.

The video game adaptation was very quickly renewed for a second season, and based on recent comments from the showrunners, we shouldn't expect to see all of the second game condensed into just one season. We don't know a huge amount about season 2 just yet, but we do know that Ellie won't be recast.

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