Mel Gibson's WW2 Movie Teams Up With PC FPS For New Bundle

A bundle that includes the movie Hacksaw Ridge and extras for the PC shooter is now available.


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A new bundle for the free-to-play FPS Heroes & Generals is available now on Steam that includes a copy of the new Mel Gibson war movie Hacksaw Ridge and extra content for the game.

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The $22 bundle comes with a 14-day Veteran membership, which lets you level up faster and give bonuses to people in your squad. Also included in the bundle is the the Medkit and Medic Boosters pack, which includes a medkit (lets you heal yourself and others) and five Medic ribbon boosters.

The Veteran membership normally costs $8 and the Medkit and Medic Boosters pack for $3, while Hacksaw Ridge costs $19 on Steam to buy (or $5 to rent), so the bundle saves you around $8 if you wanted all three items.

"Hacksaw Ridge is a great story about how one man's actions and courage can make a difference in war--something that is also very key to Heroes & Generals," the game's director, Jacob Andersen, said in a statement. "The uniqueness of Steam as an entertainment platform for both PC games and movies makes it possible for us and the visionary team at Lionsgate to partner up for this exclusive bundle featuring the film and special in-game content.”

This bundle is only available in the US, though people in Europe can buy the Heroes & Generals Medic Pack as standalone DLC. Another important thing to note is that the Medkit and Medic Booster pack won't be available in the game until March 21, but the Veteran membership is available now.

Go to the game's Steam page to learn more.

Hacksaw Ridge, which is Gibson's first time back in the director's chair since 2006's Apocalypto, received six nominations for this year's Academy Awards, including Best Picture and Best Director for Gibson.

It tells the story of a World War II medic Desmond Doss (Andrew Garfield) who refused to use a weapon but still wanted to serve his country. He saved many lives and was the first conscientious objector to win the Medal of Honor.

The 89th Academy Awards take place this Sunday, February 26.

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