Megaton Rainfall is Probably the Most Accurate Superman Simulator

Fly away.

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Megaton Rainfall begins high above our world, a sphere of gray and navy blue, our moon a pinprick of light in the distance. Look immediately down and you'll see your hands and feet, which glow with the ethereal white light of someone endowed with special powers. You know how these super hero things work.

Currently the game is PC only and you'll use familiar control schemes to move around. The WASD keys allow you to move forward, backward, and to either side. You change your point of view and the direction you are flying by moving the mouse.

As your unnamed superhero, you fly along the top layer of the atmosphere, keeping a watchful eye on the world below. Occasionally you'll spot a small gray icon in the shape of the stereotypical UFO--and that's when things get interesting.

In real time, you fly down towards the icon, which reveals a city in peril. Aliens are invading and you are the only one who can stop them. Cities are cookie-cutters of what you think big cities are: clusters of high gray and brown buildings grouped too close together, just ripe for some otherworldly visitor to knock them down.

Megaton Rainfall is still early in development, so each encounter appears similar. Your hero arrives, a giant flying saucer drops several baby-sized saucers, and these mini menaces fly out into the city. The goal is to destroy the saucers before they destroy buildings.

You can knock them out of the sky by shooting them with your other power, a laser beam, controlled by clicking the mouse. The best way to destroy alien ships is by aiming for a glowing red target somewhere on the saucer's hull. For circle-shaped saucers, this is easy. But one the game introduces more complicated ship shapes, it gets tricky. A hammer-shaped ship can only be stopped by hitting the red circle on its handle, and a giant laser-spitting ship can only be destroyed once it opens to expose it's weak point.

This sounds pretty easy, but it's not. These saucers get close to buildings, and if too many are destroyed, you lose. You have to carefully time and aim your own laser, as it can also wreck buildings. Wreck enough of them on your own and you could lose fairly quickly, so it's important to not fly in shooting recklessly.

Megaton Rainfall developer Pentadimensional Games is aiming to release the game sometime this year.

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