Mega Yarn Yoshi Amiibo Is Super-Sized and Costs $40

Use the Amiibo toy to activate "Double Yoshi" in the upcoming Yoshi's Woolly World for Wii U.


As part of Nintendo's flurry of announcements today, the company revealed an all-new Amiibo toy--and this one is unlike all of the others in a big way.

The Mega Yarn Yoshi is a giant version of the previously announced Yarn Yoshi Amiibo. For Yoshi's Woolly World, due in October for Wii U, players can tap the toy to the GamePad to activate "Double Yoshi" in game.

This brings a second Yoshi into the game world to use at any point. It also unlocks the ability to save a Yoshi pattern directly to the Amiibo. The standard-sized Yarn Yoshi Amiibo also performs both functions.

The Mega Yarn Yoshi Amiibo also sports a super-size price tag. It will cost $40 when it launches on November 15--that's more than twice the price of the standard-sized version, which goes for $17.

For a closer look at the Mega Yarn Yoshi, click through the images in the gallery below.

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GameSpot's Yoshi's Woolly World review scored the platformer a 6/10. Reviewer Rob Crossley wrote, Some would say that gives Woolly World its inherent accessibility, in that players aren't forced to take the hard road. But if you want to be fully entertained, the hard road is the only real option. It is your own degree of curiosity, and your compulsive nature, that will determine which route you'll take."

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