Mega Man Zero collecting on DS

Capcom bringing highly regarded GBA quartet to Nintendo's newest handheld with new modes early this summer.


The Mega Man Zero series enjoyed significant critical acclaim and commercial success on the Game Boy Advance in the early-to-mid 2000s. Now, Capcom is giving the franchise a second run by rereleasing all four original GBA games on one Nintendo DS cart. The Mega Man Zero Collection is expected to arrive for the DS early this summer.

Neo Arcadia has a giant spiky ball infestation.
Neo Arcadia has a giant spiky ball infestation.

Released for the GBA in 2002, the original Mega Man Zero takes place 100 years after the events in the Mega Man X series. The 2D spin-off platformer swaps out the Blue Bomber for new hero Zero, a robot with weapons that include the Z-sabor sword and the Buster Shot hand cannon. The game introduces the diabolic Neo Arcadia government, and Zero embarks on a quest to save robot-kind.

Zero 2 picks up after the events in the first game, with Neo Arcadia continuing to cause strife between humans and robots. By the third installment in the series, the Neo Arcadia regime has been overthrown, but the region faces a new threat due to the machinations of an evil, brainwashing robot. Mega Man Zero 4 concludes the series, as Zero fights to restore balance to Neo Arcadia, again, for the final time.

Capcom did not reveal pricing information for the Mega Man Zero Collection. However, the publisher did promise that the DS installment will have new, unspecified modes.

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