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Mega Man Zero 3 Impressions

Zero is returning to the Game Boy Advance this fall.


It’s already available in Japan, and now Capcom is bringing Mega Man Zero 3 to North America. The Game Boy Advance game is currently on track for a fall release.

Zero 3 pits our sword-swinging hero, Zero, against a new evil reploid called Omega, who is threatening the game’s world of Neo Arcadia by releasing the power of the Dark Elf. Many of Zero’s allies have fallen under Omega’s control as a result, so as Zero, you’ll have to free your friends and rescue Neo Arcadia from this new threat.

Mega Man Zero 3 will sport an all-new customization system. You’ll collect chips that fall into three different enhancement categories and apply them to your head, feet, or body. The idea here is that you’ll be able to customize Zero’s abilities a bit to better take on each of the game’s stages. Cyber Elves make a return in Zero 3, and this time you’ll be able to enter cyberspace, where the elves can be used to increase Zero’s abilities. Additionally, you’ll have access to a new weapon called the recoil rod, which can be used to break through certain obstacles and jump higher than before.

Mega Man Zero 3 is currently being localized and cleaned up for domestic release. Look for it on store shelves this fall.

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