Mega Man X Collection E3 2005 Preshow Report

This anthology should satisfy both veteran fans of the Mega Man series as well as new ones.


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With the Mega Man series continually growing, Capcom will release the Mega Man X Collection to let both new and old fans of the series experience some of the earliest Mega Man games, dating back to the Super Nintendo Entertainment System and the first PlayStation. But perhaps the hallmark of this collection is Mega Man Battle and Chase, a PlayStation game that was never released in the United States.

As a piece of video game history, the Mega Man X collection traces the franchise's evolution from the 16-bit days to 32-bit systems. As always, you'll have the fun of playing Mega Man and partners Zero and Dr. Light as they thwart the evil Sigma and his army of renegade reploids. To give you a bit of incentive beyond that of saving the world, you can also unlock bonus features and artwork.

Mega Man X Collection will ship for the GameCube and PlayStation this fall.

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