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Mega Man Legacy Collection Comes to 3DS With Gold Amiibo

Now I ain't sayin' it a gold Amiibo, but she ain't messin' with... oh, wait. I am totally saying that.


Those waiting for Mega Man Legacy Collection on 3DS get another option if they want to buy a physical copy of the game. You can buy the standard edition or spring an extra 20 bucks and go for the Collector's Edition, complete with a golden Mega Man Amiibo.

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Capcom announced on its blog that Mega Man Legacy Collection is now available on Nintendo's handheld via digital and physical copies. The 3DS version of the game comes with additional content in the "Museum," including high quality scans of box covers, cartridges, and manuals.

If you buy the Collector's Edition or already have a Mega Man Amiibo, you can unlock even more. Your Amiibo will get you 11 new challenges that are exclusive to the 3DS version.

The Standard Edition retails at $29.99 and comes with the game, two 3DS themes, a digital soundtrack sampler, and four stickers. The Collector's Edition costs $49.99 and is packaged with everything in the Standard Edition as well as six postcards and the golden Mega Man Amiibo.

Physical versions for the PS4 and Xbox One are also available now and include the game, four stickers, the digital soundtrack sampler, and a "Robot Master cheat sheet."

Mega Man Legacy Collection received a score of 7 in GameSpot's review, which said it's a peek into the early days of complex level design, interlocking combat mechanics, basic physics, and the best of what could be accomplished visually and sonically on the NES.

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