Mega Man creator Inafune reveals new game Azure Striker Gunvolt

The downloadable game for 3DS looks like a spiritual successor to one of Inafune's classic Mega Man Z franchise.

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As part of this weekend's Japanese BitSummit game festival, the father of Mega Man revealed his next game: A side-scrolling action game called Azure Striker Gunvolt.

The game bears a strong resemblance to the 16-bit Mega Man Zero series, which isn't surprising since it's a collaboration with developer Initi Creates, but Gunvolt adds a new set of characters and some original gameplay embellishments (which you can check out in the trailer below). The game will be a downloadable title for 3DS, although there was not information on a release date or confirmation that the game would come to the West.

Inafune made headlines last year with his Kickstarter for Mighty No. 9, another side-scrolling action game that his company Comcept is partnering with Inti Creates to produce.

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