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Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection Will Feature Action-Oriented Buster Max Mode, Japan-Only Cards

Capcom's very different take on Mega Man is coming soon, with a few new features for newcomers and long-term fans alike.


As part of the Capcom Showcase today, the publisher shared new details on Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection. Those included new features for completionist long-term fans, as well as an easier way to get into the game's unique battle system if you're new to the series.

The collection will include 499 "Patch Cards," which were special cards previously released only in Japan. That made them very rare for Western players, but now you'll be able to enable them and play with the full collection with a simple menu option. Those cards are available to use in any game from Battle Network 4 onward, or the second half of the collection.

It will also include a new feature called Buster Max Mode, which makes your standard Mega Buster weapon 100x more powerful. That makes combat more action-oriented, and should help players relax and experience the story with easier combat, or just ease into the more complex card-battling system. Naturally, this feature will be disabled for online play.

The Legacy Collection brings together all 10 of the mainline Mega Man Battle Network titles. It also comes with new online features, a high-resolution toggle that can be on or off, and an art gallery containing more than 1,000 art pieces to look through. There is also an in-game music player featuring 188 tracks from across the series.

The Legacy Collection launches on April 14, 2023 for PlayStation 4, Switch, and PC.

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