Mega Man 10 spreads onto XBLA, PSN

Capcom's latest retro action platformer headed to Microsoft's, Sony's downloadable catalogs as well as WiiWare in March; new trailer inside.


Capcom introduced Mega Man 10 via Nintendo Power magazine earlier this month, and the move may have given some the impression that the blue bomber's latest action platformer would be a Wii exclusive. However, Capcom confirmed today that Mega Man 10 will see release on Xbox Live and the PlayStation Network in addition to WiiWare in March 2010.

A wall of lava?! That's like cheating!
A wall of lava?! That's like cheating!

Directed by original Mega Man creator Keiji Inafune, Mega Man 10 continues in the vein established with last year's well-regarded Mega Man 9, as it once again sees the robotic warrior donning his retro armor and weapons for 2D platforming action. Mega Man 10's throwback theme extends to gameplay design as well, as the blue bomber blasts and leaps through eight stages to confront and absorb the powers of themed boss characters.

As for the story, Mega Man 10 is set in the year 20XX, when an outbreak of Roboenza has infected the world's mechanical constructs. The robot flu causes once servile machines to turn rabid, wreaking carnage in the city, and Mega Man is called upon to mop up his malfunctioning brethren.

In addition to Mega Man, gamers will be able to play through Capcom's latest action platformer as Proto Man. Nintendo Power previously reported that gamers can choose to play as one more, as-yet-unspecified character. Mega Man 10 also introduces the lower-difficulty Easy mode as well as Mega Man Challenges, which serve as a training ground.

Along with confirming the game's Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 release, Capcom released Mega Man 10's first trailer, found below.

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A disease you say? Kinda like, oh i dunno... the ZERO VIRUS?!?!?!

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I DO wonder why they keep revealing it for nintendo and then set it to release on the other consoles shortly after. Is that supposed to make us feel special or something?

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Cool, glad everyone gets to enjoy this! Can't wait!!

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Well, they shouldn't have frame rate issues on this one. xD

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I love how people are whining about this "easy mode" being in this game, yet a lot of you fail to remember MEGA MAN 2 (which is still my favorite classic MegaMan game overall by the way) having that option on the original NES cartridge back in 1988. The PS2 compilation doesn't have that and MM2 is still easy regardless. Man this is more retarded than people complaining about the Super Guide in New Super Mario Bros Wii, which was OPTIONAL. Optional. You know, the right to choose if you want to start the game on an easy difficulty or go ZOMG hardest difficulty to prove how awesome you are at something? *sigh* Gamers, can't live a single day without complaining.

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Meh! When I'm looking at screenshots like that I think it looks like a old game from the 90s or something! That kind of screenshots dosen't give me any hype! If they were smarter. They would make a game with awesome grphics! The best you can get on 360! But the same gameplay!!! Do not change becaus it's 3D/2,5D! Just make it looks cool and awesome with awesome cutscenes! It was funny with Mega Man 9...but now it's just. Skip this and make a game with awesome graphics instead, but the same gameplay! This was something that made people super duper hyped in the late 80's and early 90s! Back then this was just "Wow!" for some people...but now...nah!

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God forbid Capcom for making a Megaman like 8 again. No bass? again I bet. Forget it I'm wasting my breath, 8 bit is cute but 8 with HD gfx would have been better to me.

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Bring Megaman X back in a 2D platformer too! Please!

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wat the heck gamespot thats not a wall of lava, its a wall of sand!

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I have had enough of retro-fanboyism. It is not that I am "graphics-obsessed", but retro fanboys are annoying. The Mega Man 9 retro-fitting may have worked for Mega Man. NES style presentation makes sense for Dark Void Zero. It does not make sense for RPG franchises, but maybe SNES style presentation. I do not want NES style RPGs, but Mega Man 9 and 10 are someone else's treasure. I have no problem with Mega Man in Mega Man 7 or 8 style, as that criticism is a joke. I believe Mega Man 11 should be in the style of Mega Man 7 and Mega Man 12 in the style of Mega Man 8. I have enough of the same old presentation style. The story of Mega Man 10 points to the possibility of making a game that will tie the Mega Man Classic series to the Mega Man X series. One man's trash is another man's treasure.

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really? wtf? easy mode, its mega man dammit since when did he have easy mode. f'in BS

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MegaMan 9 and 10 graphics appear alot smoother and slightly more detailed compared to the old megamen for the nes. Their stages look alot more spectacular gameplay-wise too. And no, creating a game like this in a week, with four people, would be pretty much impossible at the moment - as far as i can tell. Also, in case you didnt noticed, pretty much all of the art found in megaman 9 was original.

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this would have taken a team of like 4 people a week to make, maybe even less seeing as all the art and the basis have been around since the 90s....

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I sure wish I could just recycle the same old crap my entire life and get paid millions for it.

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come on really dated graphics come on after you did bionic commando rearmed you go back to this come on capcom keep the 2d effect just update it

Avatar image for ThAdEa82

Also, building to the right at 0:28 =] classic.

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Though I regard these megaman games as novelties of a time long ago... 20xx, I want an epic megaman game. In the mean time, this music sounds alright, but im waiting for the day a megaman game beats megaman 2's music. lol easy mode, run through the stage. oh, no, roll!

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On another note, just imagine if they were still using roman numerals with these games. Then we'd have another Mega Man X on our hands.

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Do I even have to say how terrible the lava wall looks? They couldn't have gotten away with that back then, and nobody in their right mind would say it looks okay given the means to fix it.

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If someone told the 8 y/o me that they would still be making 8-bit Rockman games 20 years later I would have asked what you were I'm smokin it too and lovin every new game! Although there is a LOT to be said for revamps, like MM Powerup on PSP. Either way, THANK YOU CAPCOM!! Seems like they are the only gameing company nowadays who pander to or maybe just know exactly what their fans want. PS - Recession Man FTW!

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I wonder what sort of robots they'll think up this time? Wouldn't be surprised if there was a "Cell Phone Man" or a "IPod Man" or something.

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Please, please ... no more Mega Man titles!!!!!!

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They'd have to pay me to DL this s***e

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moar liek mega cash in amirite?

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I don't think this belongs on PSN or XBox Live. Mega Man was a nintendo game through and through. PSN have a little rights to it because they continued the X series but XBox is crap.

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Easy Mode?? MM9's Normal mode was easy enough...

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personally i thought mega man 9 to be made as the old retro games was cool but now that they are doing 10 in retro to me seems just lazy.

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i want to have megaman x back in hd. all those old music and old graphics gives me a headache. this is not worth 8-10 bucks or euros.

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:) Nice to hear the music will be as catchy as ever.

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Can we get a NES Castlevania now for old time's sake? A Symphony of the Night-esque NES Castlevania? Console Castlevanias have been a complete joke for a long time.

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dang, I still haven't gotten around to trying Mega Man 9 yet, maybe if I wait a little longer I can save a buck or few if they release another Mega Man collection

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Awesome, can't wait for this!

Avatar image for Thiago26792

Lol at easy mode!

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I guess if it sells, it sells. I couldn't have predicted this. I want a triple A mega man in HD.

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1:40 - "*Easy Mode Included" Well, we all know what this means, right? Everything else will be DLC, just like with MM9. *sigh*

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I'll be getting it for the Wii because I need a game to play on that console, it's been collecting dust for a while. I simply love Mega Man!

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I got mega man 9 on wii ware the day it was released and I cant freaking wait for this game. Easy mode looks way too easy but I guess all the casual gamers cant gripe about the difficulty anymore.

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ill be getting it on wii

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@finaleve I actually said co-op has worked in 2D shooters before. But nice mention of Contra, I totally forgot about that one.

Avatar image for Caer_Death

Good, I was ready go in the corner and cry because I would have to play this marvelous title in SD rather than HD. Sad, sad, me.

Avatar image for famguyfan2685

@ DarkTempler1 AGREED!!! .. except I would need the game to be released on the PSN.. But hopefully they will release it for both so we can all be happy!!

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Ehh, I've always though Mega Man was a bit... meh.

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MAN, I'm glad to see these STILL coming out. So exciting!

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I love the fact that people can make a game with NES graphics, and still have the ability to make a game fun for today's gamers. One reason why I like this so much is that it forces the developers to create interesting and challenging levels rather than have simple, easy game play and try to distract you from it by how pretty it looks.

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@Fandango_Letho Go away you graphics obsessed person.

Avatar image for lanmanna

I think I will get it for Wii like I did for MM9.

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Cant wait for this. I'm going to get the Wii version as I got 9 on XBLA and the D-Pad sucks ;-)

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this only makes sense. With the majority of Wii owners being casual older gamers or young kids, young kids are going to see this and be like WTF?? This game looks like ass. So throw it on the two systems that real gamers play and can actually appreciate the game for what it is.

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@SillySkeleton Fair enough. I agree that Megaman only got worse as it tried to cope with better technology, but in my opinion MM9 was a great throwback to a great series, and it was done right. My problem is that this is coming to soon for a title that requires next to no effort compared to the majority of games being made today. I suppose I have more of a problem with the idea of Capcom making another old school NES Megaman game than the game itself. They should have given us another MMX game (as it was on SNES), or another entry in the Legends series.