Mega Man 10 spreads onto XBLA, PSN

Capcom's latest retro action platformer headed to Microsoft's, Sony's downloadable catalogs as well as WiiWare in March; new trailer inside.


Capcom introduced Mega Man 10 via Nintendo Power magazine earlier this month, and the move may have given some the impression that the blue bomber's latest action platformer would be a Wii exclusive. However, Capcom confirmed today that Mega Man 10 will see release on Xbox Live and the PlayStation Network in addition to WiiWare in March 2010.

A wall of lava?! That's like cheating!
A wall of lava?! That's like cheating!

Directed by original Mega Man creator Keiji Inafune, Mega Man 10 continues in the vein established with last year's well-regarded Mega Man 9, as it once again sees the robotic warrior donning his retro armor and weapons for 2D platforming action. Mega Man 10's throwback theme extends to gameplay design as well, as the blue bomber blasts and leaps through eight stages to confront and absorb the powers of themed boss characters.

As for the story, Mega Man 10 is set in the year 20XX, when an outbreak of Roboenza has infected the world's mechanical constructs. The robot flu causes once servile machines to turn rabid, wreaking carnage in the city, and Mega Man is called upon to mop up his malfunctioning brethren.

In addition to Mega Man, gamers will be able to play through Capcom's latest action platformer as Proto Man. Nintendo Power previously reported that gamers can choose to play as one more, as-yet-unspecified character. Mega Man 10 also introduces the lower-difficulty Easy mode as well as Mega Man Challenges, which serve as a training ground.

Along with confirming the game's Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 release, Capcom released Mega Man 10's first trailer, found below.

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