Meet Your Maker Lets You Build Dungeons And Raid Others, Closed Playtest Coming August 23

Behaviour Interactive announced the new action game during a recent livestream.


Behaviour Interactive's first-ever Behaviour Beyond livestream shared many updates from the Canadian studio, including a brand-new building and raiding action game called Meet Your Maker.

Meet Your Maker takes place in a post-apocalyptic world where survivors are searching for the ancient dead, as their genetic material can be used to keep sentient life going. The game is split into two major segments: building and raiding.

In the building mode, players will build their own outposts--essentially DIY dungeons--littered with traps, enemies, and a main objective. The builder can add or delete parts on the fly, test each area as they're built, and once the outpost is ready, share it with the world. Traps include spikes in the floor and buzzsaws on the wall, while enemies range from basic grunts to flying enemies with projectile attacks.

In raiding mode, players can group together in teams of two and delve into the outposts others have made. Teams must enter the outpost, retrieve the objective, and escape without dying in order to complete the outpost challenge. Raiders can also rate outposts as soon as a play session ends, issuing accolades to the builder before moving to the next outpost.

Meet Your Maker is scheduled to launch in 2023 on Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and PC. A closed playtest has been announced for August 23, and players can sign up for it via the game's official website.

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