Meet the survivors of Left 4 Dead’s arcade game

Left 4 Dead Survivors still takes place in the United States, but features mostly Japanese survivors.

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Valve and Taito, a subsidiary of Square Enix, are currently collaborating on Left 4 Dead Survivors, a version of Left 4 Dead redesigned for Japanese arcades. We’ve seen brief glimpses of the game before, but now we know that it will not feature the groups of four from Left 4 Dead or Left 4 Dead 2, but an entirely new cast of survivors.

The game will still take place in the United States, but the characters are seemingly designed to appeal to a Japanese audience. According to Arcade Heroes, Kudo Yusuke is a Japanese university student visiting the U.S. when the outbreak starts, as is Haruka Hirose, a Japanese high school student, and Kirishima Sara, a travel guide. And then there’s Blake Jordan, the token American and hotel bartender who previously served in the Navy.

In 2006, Taito released Half-Life 2: Survivor for Japanese arcades. As you can see in this video, it added flashing arrows that point you in the right direction, points, and other elements that would complement a quicker arcade experience.

If you’re waiting on a proper Left 4 Dead sequel, there’s good reason to believe that one is on the way. According to Counter-Strike co-creator Minh Le, Left 4 Dead 3 is in development and is coming along well.

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In the old days games came out in the arcade first then ported to home devices (anyone remember operation Wolf and Thunderbolt?) After. Now I think the reverse is true. I only see games in arcades now that I played a few years ago.

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i wouldnt mind paying yens to play that but i know an arcade near me that has japanese style arcade games so maybe theyll get one like they did with hal life arcade

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Some players noted the price—namely, that 300 yen (around $3), gets you 15 minutes of play. To continue, you can insert another 100 yen ($1) for another 270 seconds. lolll wow f that

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@BillyColeman Damn really that ain't worth it. I wonder if they'll port it over as dlc. or put in the next Left 4 Dead as a bonus (wishful thinking with the greed of the video game companies today).

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This is something id like to play at some point {i still love going to the arcade}

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How many quarters do you think it will take to finish this game?

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@Jd1680a How much Yen? prob 10.000 :P

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I kinda want to play this version of the game....come on I just wanna see a Japanese girl in her school uniform tear up some zombies....LOL

I wonder though if the loose narrative is the same as the standard version or if they're going all in appealing to the Japanese gamers.....

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The Japanese version survivers will be a bunch metro-sexual purple/silver haired dudes and some women dress in school girl/sailor moon outfits

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@gottago42 Jeez you sounded so smart there :P i guess the NA ver was all Army guys shooting zombies right? pfff

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@gottago42 Super clever, bro. How long did it take you to think that one up?

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So basically, it's just a localized version of Left 4 Dead with Japanese survivors in place of the usual American ones, and it has waypoints to help players know where to go?

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@Blk_Mage_Ctype Yea more or less

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There should be zombie GODZILLA in the end!!

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If the world had more doctors and less police and lawyers the world would be a much better place. I guess society has not yet evolved so far...

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@strangelove_1 How would less police make the world a better place?

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Of course, a highschool student.

Japan, I like what you do and stuff, but can you PLEASE refrain from constantly adding schoolgirls into zombie apocalypse media in a shoe-horned fashion?

It was bad enough with Highschool of the Dead.

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@DanielL5583 Young cleavage is better than anything else.

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@observer98 @DanielL5583 you're a pedophile

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@djsimpson95 @observer98 @DanielL5583 So you assume I'm not a teenager?

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@DanielL5583 Sorry, but there HAS to be a hot teenage schoolgirl (or person). No lesser occupation in the world can possibly prepare you better, either as a post-apocalypse survivor or a superhero that will eventually save the world.

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for controls I see a mouse and something that looks like the Wii Nunchuck