Meet Roverwatch, The Doggie Versions of Blizzard's Hero Squad

They are our loyal Overwatchdogs.


Blizzard's Overwatch has a colorful cast of unique characters. There's a hyper-active Londoner that skips around time, a former murder-bot discovering the wonders of life beyond machine-gunning, and even a professional StarCraft player running around in her own mech.

I love all the characters in Overwatch. I think they are some of the coolest, well-realised video game characters we've had in a long time. The only way I'd love them more is if someone turned them into dogs but who has time for tha- OH MY GOD SOMEONE HAS TURNED THEM INTO DOGS AND THEY'RE CALLED ROVERWATCH.

This is the wonderful work of graphic design and illustration artist Lily Nishita, who posted doggified versions of Tracer, Mei, McCree, and Widowmaker.

Look at that face. Look at it.
Look at that face. Look at it.

There's some great little touches in the pieces but the McCree with the hat over his eyes has won my heart. Let's hope we get dog versions of the rest of the cast soon; I need to see what a Dog.Va looks like.

In other Overwatch news, there have been hints that a new character could be revealed fairly soon. This character is rumored to be the mysterious Sombra, who has been referenced repeatedly in the past. Of course, Blizzard hasn't officially addressed the rumor or even admitted Sombra exists.

During Gamescom, a new Overwatch map called Eichenwalde was revealed. Overwatch players on PC can now try out the game's new map in the game's test realm.

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