Meet PC's New Xbox One Controller, Same as the Old One

Microsoft releasing an Xbox One controller intended for use with PCs, but you can get the same experience right now.

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Microsoft will release a new, Windows-branded Xbox One controller intended for use with PCs in November.

As its name suggests, the $60 "Xbox One Controller + Cable for Windows" includes both a controller and a USB cable. That cable is necessary because, as of yet, there is no way to use an Xbox One controller wirelessly with a computer. In other words, you'll have to be plugged into your computer to play anything with this Xbox One controller, which may be a deal-breaker for those who stream their PC games from one room to another.

The official Microsoft product page makes no mention of the controller's impulse triggers (the controller's two triggers can rumble), presumably because that feature is not supported in any PC games.

Don't you want to have this much fun?
Don't you want to have this much fun?

Microsoft released drivers enabling Xbox One controller support on Windows (7 or 8) earlier this year. That means if you already have a controller from owning an Xbox One (or simply buying a standalone controller), you can plug it into your computer and use it right now without waiting until November for this Windows-branded one.

Alternatively, you can wait and pick up this new package (which can also be used on both PC and Xbox One). Doing so might be advisable because, for the same $60 a standalone Xbox One controller costs, you'll also get a free micro-USB cable.

This package does not, however, include a rechargeable battery, considering the controller is intended for use with a PC that you'll always be shackled to. That is, at least until Microsoft releases a wireless adapter for PC, as it did for Xbox 360 controllers, though the company has not yet indicated if it intends to release such a device.

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I have a 360 wireless controller and then I realised there is software to make my PS4 controller work flawlessly with the PC as it emulates the 360 controller. I will never buy this 'new' xbox one controller.

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Deal breaker for people who stream pc games from one room to another.... well then it's not really streaming than is it...

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For FPS I just go with my keyboard, for some 3rd person and others I go for my old crappy X360 wireless controller and it's usb receiver which still standing. So why would I buy the new one, wired, without any kind of newy feature? Only Microsoft would suggest such a thing

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Why wont they release a wireless reciever allready a bought an xbox1 controller for my pc months ago and was so shocked to find that my ds4 works perfectly wirelessly with mictosoft windows while the xbox1 still stuck at the wired stage .. What a shame ....

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My dream controller would be a wired XBOX 360 controller but with no wire and still be as light and not have that bulky battery pack in the back. I mean if the PS3 controllers can be so light and small I assume it can be done but MS is so greedy they actually put a bulky battery pack on the back so the can sell it separately ? Ridiculous!

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I'm happy with my 360 pad, so far is so easy using the PS4 pad on it's console than on PC so I'm good keeping that last touch of last gen tech around, and besides I have plans of getting a X1 soon (my PS4 and PC and getting along too well, he needs a challenge lol) so I'll probably try that one on PC, though hopefully when the wireless adapter is released it's compatible with native X1 pads that came with the console on not only this one.

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360 is more comfortable than xbox one, really. Xbox one shoulders absolutely arent.

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<< LINK REMOVED >> I feel the same way with the DS4, DS3 was easier to handle but DS4 is so stiff it's hard to push down on the R/L 3 sticks sometimes and the touchpad should have some kind of calibration app.

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What excactly is the point of this new joystick compared to my 360 one? O.o

Apart from microsoft making a bunch of money off people that got that whole "I must haev it before my friends to solidfy my ego!" complex O.o Clever microsoft...clever....mmyess...

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<< LINK REMOVED >> same as Sony with the DS4, having an excuse to use a Micro-USB port.

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I use an Xbox One controller with a 5 meters extension cord. I forget about the cable a minute into the game.

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"...which may be a deal-breaker for those who stream their PC games from one room to another."

Why's that, exactly? Just plug the controller into the machine you're streaming to. To do otherwise makes absolutely no sense whatsoever.

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<< LINK REMOVED >> You can stream directly to your tv. How do you plug a xbox controller to your tv that is 2 rooms away?

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<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> Most TVs don't have a stream a game directly to the TV feature. There will be something like Steam in a situation like this, where the Xbox controller is plugged into the the client, not the host.

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why not wired controller than this by the i will buy this one just too see how it is

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so even though the product is designed to be plugged into a powered USB port to work at all you still need to change a battery? seriously?

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I think what it meant was: you don't need to change batteries as long as it's plugged in- however being plugged in does not charge a persistent battery- it just gives the controller the power it needs.

The only reason they would need the USB cable to actually work with a rechargeable battery is if you could user the controller without the USB cable, but since there isn't a wireless adapter, they assume that won't be the case.

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That Indian guy in the photo is probably one of their outsourced worker from the tech support hotline.

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So, when is the wireless addon coming? I assume it will be an addon to raise the price.

My PS4 controller works over bluetooth to my PC and works 100%, every button and control is mappable as a direct input gamepad. If a game requires Xinput a free little program called DS4tool makes the PC think my PS4 controller is an Xbox 360 controller.

I can't believe a company that creates Windows can't even get the PC controller right...

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<< LINK REMOVED >> I'm going to play devil's advocate here:

I too have a Dualshock 4 and use it with a Bluetooth adapter with DS4Windows. The convenience is very nice, but keep one thing in mind: Bluetooth has horrible reception. It will get blocked by small line of sight issues like people, chairs, desks etc, and it doesn't have great range.

Contrast this to the RF signal Microsoft employs with the Xbox wireless controllers, and you see the differences as night and day. I could consistently use my Xbox 360 controller through several walls in another room, some 30 feet away, and still have no disconnections or lag.

Does it suck that they will require you to buy a custom RF received adapter just to use their controllers? Absolutely. I would love to be able to use my cheap $15 Bluetooth adapter just for the convenience sake. But reality is it blows compared to what Microsoft's wireless solution can deliver, and I'd rather have a quality experience than a simple convenient one.

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I just want to point out that Bluetooth is RF. Microsoft just uses a proprietary version of RF instead of adhering to standards and playing nicely with others. Just like internet explorer doesn't adhere to standards and play nice with others.

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<< LINK REMOVED >> That is what I use too, love being able to use my wireless controller wirelessly with my PC with any game.

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As always, Microsoft giving its customers reasons not to buy its products.

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<< LINK REMOVED >> I know, right? Why can't they just make these goddamn things sync via simple bluetooth like they do on the consoles and be done with it?

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I dont get this, there just releasing what we got now ? oh apart from you get a free micro USB cable, well as i own an xboxone i already have this...

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meh, I use a micro ps3 controller for my pc, its versatile and I prefer the feel over xbox controller...for fighting games I use the old sega saturn controller, nothing better...i don't need these inferior new controllers :p

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<< LINK REMOVED >> I've never even seen a saturn outside of a retro gaming store.

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Does this mean that future games that have controller support on PC will require the xbox one controller or will I still be able to use the xbox 360 one?

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Well, as much as I'd like to have 100% native support for my PS4 controller, the 360 controller I have for PC games appears to be doing just fine.

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<< LINK REMOVED >> Get an Xinput wrapper (DS4Tool) and your DS4 has full 100% support.

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<< LINK REMOVED >> You make a good point, thank you. I'll give it a shot and hopefully it'll be a lot better than my experiences with MotionInJoy and the DS3.

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It does ds4 and ds4windows ate just like motion joy , except they are easier to use , and they dont require any bluetooth driver mod , and you can still use youre bluetooth + moreover , I have experienced alot of blue screen of death , non stop rumbling and crashes with motioninjoy which I have not yet ( thank god !) Experienced with these new softwares , so I'd say you should totally give it a shot ! The ds4 is amazing ..

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I really the xbox 360 controller sure i will gonna try this one

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Why cant they make this work on Vista and XP as well?

Avatar image for danielmbg

@GH05T-666 Because windows 7 was released 5 years ago, they stopped giving Windows XP support I think 2-3 years ago, and Windows Vista was hated by everyone, so I believe nobody else uses it.

And because every new game uses at least DirectX 10, which Windows XP doesn't support.

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the 360 controller is a better controller. I am glad I grabbed a couple of them instead of waiting for the X1 controllers to come out.

Avatar image for atopp399

<< LINK REMOVED >> The 360 dpad is about the worst dpad in the history of gaming. I would never recommend a 360 controller.

Avatar image for busterfriendly

@bunchanumbers In what way? It feels old and clunky compared to the new one due to getting rid of the battery bulge.

Avatar image for bolharr2250

<< LINK REMOVED >> The battery bulge which never really got in the way

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Why don't they just let you use the old wireless adapters? It is such BS.
Sony and MS are such greedy bastards by not making last gens controllers forwards compatable; at least Sony has the excuse that the old controllers won't work for games that use the fancy new touchpad but for multiplayer games that don't use it like Towerfall (which most PS4 users have because of plus) it would be excellent to use old DS3s to fill out multiplayer gaming.

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Playstation 2 controller: Best controller ever made, and you can use it on PC.

Avatar image for mr_nee

<< LINK REMOVED >> DS4 beats them all

Avatar image for Shilleto

<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> i have ps4 controller its way better then ps3 controller but it been the best one no its not

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<< LINK REMOVED >> I used my dualshock 2 for 10 years. plus, the battery pack on the 360 is super annoying, it uses a proprietary cable and the range of the sticks is too short. Look at someone playing with a 360 controller, he pushes the sticks in short bursts instead of moving it halfway.

Avatar image for danielmbg

<< LINK REMOVED >> Really? I owned a PS2 for many years, was extremely happy with it, but come on, Xbox 360 controller is way better. The only thing that is better on Ps2 Controller are the names of the buttons.

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$60 dollars is this a joke.

Does it come with a game ???

For the people who do not understand what I am saying you can use the Xboxone controller right now on your PC officially. (Microsoft already released the drivers.)

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<< LINK REMOVED >> so if your xbox one controller dies and you need to buy another one will you expect that one to come with a game? god forbid a company should charge for it's products!

Avatar image for kadaverhagga

<< LINK REMOVED >> Well this is aimed at pc gamers that don't have an x1. I have it but I rather use my 360 on my pc as I hate the x1 bumpers. I'll probably switch to ds4 when it is properly supported.

Avatar image for bolharr2250

<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> *propery*. Yes, I wait for this day too. There are perfectly good ways to use it right now (I use 2 DS4s to play games like Battleblock and Goat Sim) but you need a program which converts the PS4 signals into what looks like X360 controller input.

Until then, check out DS4Tool