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Meet PC's New Xbox One Controller, Same as the Old One

Microsoft releasing an Xbox One controller intended for use with PCs, but you can get the same experience right now.

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Microsoft will release a new, Windows-branded Xbox One controller intended for use with PCs in November.

As its name suggests, the $60 "Xbox One Controller + Cable for Windows" includes both a controller and a USB cable. That cable is necessary because, as of yet, there is no way to use an Xbox One controller wirelessly with a computer. In other words, you'll have to be plugged into your computer to play anything with this Xbox One controller, which may be a deal-breaker for those who stream their PC games from one room to another.

The official Microsoft product page makes no mention of the controller's impulse triggers (the controller's two triggers can rumble), presumably because that feature is not supported in any PC games.

Don't you want to have this much fun?
Don't you want to have this much fun?

Microsoft released drivers enabling Xbox One controller support on Windows (7 or 8) earlier this year. That means if you already have a controller from owning an Xbox One (or simply buying a standalone controller), you can plug it into your computer and use it right now without waiting until November for this Windows-branded one.

Alternatively, you can wait and pick up this new package (which can also be used on both PC and Xbox One). Doing so might be advisable because, for the same $60 a standalone Xbox One controller costs, you'll also get a free micro-USB cable.

This package does not, however, include a rechargeable battery, considering the controller is intended for use with a PC that you'll always be shackled to. That is, at least until Microsoft releases a wireless adapter for PC, as it did for Xbox 360 controllers, though the company has not yet indicated if it intends to release such a device.

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