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Meet GTR and Team Teletubbies: PVP Esports Dota 2 Regional Corporate League Finalists

Two teams, GTR and Team Teletubbies, have secured a spot at the PVP Esports Corporate League Regional Finals in Singapore this December. We spoke to the captains to find out more about their journey.

Dota 2 is one of the biggest esports in the world, and passionate communities of players from all walks of life have sprung up around it. One intensely interesting competitive community is the Corporate League of PVP Esports, which features teams from around South-East Asia competing for bragging rights — and to donate the lion's share of a $20,000 prize pool to the charity of their choice.

After a bitterly fought Qualifiers sporting 12 of the best teams from around the region, just two are left — Team GTR from Malaysia and Team Teletubbies from Thailand. The two will square off against one another at the PVP Esports Corporate League Regional Grand Finals, held at Singapore Comic Con this December.

The Radiant Sun

Team Teletubbies' name might not inspire fear, but their skill at Dota 2 should. The team, made up of BloodBlue, Fade-St, Zoel, R10T5.Rᴵᴼᵀઽ and elfyz, were dominant throughout the Qualifiers, only losing to a single team along the way. According to their team captain BloodBlue, that wasn't how they thought things would go down.

"We found each other in company group chat," said BloodBlue when describing how the team formed. Their company, Chareon Tut, is a manufacturer based out of Samut Prakan in Thailand. "It is almost unbelievable that we have reached the grand final."

Gathering Steam

The only team to defeat them was Team GTR, who formed while representing beverage import/exporters Tong Woh Enterprises from Malaysia, made up of imbalinlin, CCnC, Son-goku, valaries and toushirou.

"The team name GTR stands for "GaTheRing"," explained team captain imbalinlin. "We're always gathering, every weekend, for basketball, badminton or Dota 2. So this tournament lit up our passion for Dota 2 again."

GTR only dropped a single round throughout the qualifiers, and they head to the Finals the heavy favourites, securing more than a few maps in demoralising blow-outs. Team Teletubbies is very aware of this.

"I think they are a very strong team," said BloodBlue. "They have really nice teamwork and very high skilled play... but I think we are strong too."

A similar sentiment is shared by GTR — there's a very healthy amount of respect going back and forth between these teams. When asked about the Teletubbies, imbalinlin simply said,

"Team Teletubbies is the strongest team."

Talk is cheap

GTR's style of play in the qualifiers was fast-paced, especially when compared to the more measured approach of Teletubbies, so the rematch should be another exciting war — especially because BloodBlue feels he has something up his sleeve.

"Watch me [during the Finals], and I will show you 'the next level play'," he said, laughing, when we asked what he had planned for Team GTR.

Can GTR 'lakad matatag' (walk strong) against the Teletubbies' 400 IQ plays?

"We beat them before," imbalinlin said, referring to the Winner's Bracket semi-finals where they sent Team Teletubbies to the lower bracket and into a sudden death battle against Deloitte1 from Singapore. "And we will beat them again."

And as to who we should be watching from GTR come the Grand Finals match-up, the team chemistry at the core of the Malaysian squad shone through.

"We share the glory on Team GTR," imbalinlin told us. "Dota [2] is not about individual heroism. So if you want to know who will be the best players in the team in the Finals, all I can answer is 'We are the best'."

Corporate Intrigue

It's going to be a barnstormer of a match when Team GTR and Team Teletubbies meet again, and both are extremely amped to be involved.

"It's very exciting for us," said BloodBlue. "It will also be the first time that we will be competing in Singapore."

"We're very excited about going to Singapore Comic Con [to compete in the Finals]," said imbalinlin.

When the Finals go down at PVP Esports @ Singapore Comic Con on December 7, it will be interesting to see how it all plays out. Will GTR's high-octane brawler-style of Dota 2 dominate, or will Team Teletubbies be able to slow things down and force out the win at their own pace? You'll have to be there or tune in to find out.

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