Meet GameSpot at PAX: Free Breakfast, Panels, and Parties

Pancakes and waffles!


Hopefully you've already made time in your busy PAX schedule to watch the GameSpot panels and live shows. But just in case you had no idea what we were up, here's a quick outline of all the GameSpot-related stuff we're hosting at the show!

We'll be hanging out at the Sector G Lounge and we will be open to the public on Saturday from 9:30AM-7PM and Sunday from 9:30AM-5PM. The lounge is located at 820 Pike Street at 9th Ave (about a block and a half away from the convention center). It's also the home of the Metropole Restaurant. What can you do there?

  • Food and non-alcoholic drinks available all day
  • Trivia with limited-edition giveaway prizes (t-shirts, buttons, bottle openers, and koozies)
  • Charging kiosks and free Wi-Fi

We'll also have gaming kiosks where you can check out some great indie titles including:

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Pancake Breakfast

  • WHAT: We will provide all of the breakfast foods guaranteed to be there (until they're all eaten -- breakfast foods are limited to: waffles, pancakes, eggs, bacon, coffee, juice). You just have to provide a mouth. You'll be able to meet with GameSpot staff and producers who will also be stuffing their faces with breakfast meats.
  • WHEN: Saturday and Sunday, 10:00-12PM
  • WHERE: Sector G Lounge, 820 Pike Street at 9th Ave (about a block and a half away from the convention center). Home of the Metropole Restaurant.

The GameSpot Live Show

  • WHAT: We're recording live segments for two-hours each day during the weekend, and you can come sit in our live studio audience.
  • When: Saturday and Sunday 12:00-2:00 PM
  • Where: Sector G Lounge

Sector G Happy Hour (21+)

  • WHAT: Sponsored by Sunset Overdrive, we'll be serving wine and beer, as well as two custom cocktails, the "Bloody Mutant" and the "Over Charge + Vodka"
  • When: Saturday, 5-7PM
  • Where: Sector G Lounge


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Women Surviving and Thriving in Games Media

  • WHAT: As the gap between the number of male and female gamers slowly thins, so does gender disparity in games media. Hear from several women currently working in games journalism about their struggles and successes within the industry.
  • WHEN: Friday 8/29, 11AM-Noon
  • WHERE: Wyvern Theatre
  • PANELISTS: Mary Kish [Producer, GameSpot], Neha Tiwari [Executive Producer, GameSpot], Megan Farokhmanesh [Editor, Polygon], Naomi Kyle [Host, IGN], Jessica Chobot [Host, Nerdist]
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Games Journalism Hunger Games MMXIV

  • WHAT: Welcome to the Games Journalism Hunger Games MMXIV. The Capitol demands that each games website submit tributes to compete in the annual tournament. Through a variety of tests of skill and dexterity, tributes will fall so that games journalism can live on for another year. But who will be victorious?
  • WHEN: Friday 8/29, 12:30PM-1:30PM
  • WHERE: Sasquatch Theatre
  • PANELISTS: Danny O'Dwyer [Host, GameSpot], Evan Lahti [Editor, PC Gamer], Greg Miller [Host, IGN], Jeff Gerstmann [Editor in Chief, Giant Bomb], Jon Carnage [Producer, TwitchTV]

Retrogame Roadshow: What Are Your Old Games Worth?

  • WHAT: Game collecting is taking off in a big way, and all sorts of classic games and related memorabilia can bring in big bucks. What's your gaming treasure worth? Bring something you found in your parents' attic or a rarity from your own collection, and you'll have a chance to come up on stage and have your stuff evaluated, discussed and appraised (amateurishly, for fun!) by our panel of experts.
  • WHEN: Saturday 8/30, 9-10PM
  • WHERE: Hedgehog Theatre
  • PANELISTS: Chris Kohler [Editor, WIRED], Mike Mika [GameSpot], Peter Brown [GameSpot]

Firaxis Mega Panel -- Civilization: Beyond Earth

  • WHAT: Come see the developers from Firaxis Games Studio as they provide an inside look at their new and upcoming title, Sid Meier's Civilization: Beyond Earth, before it ships this October 24, 2014! We’ll be showing new gameplay, talking about some of the newer and late-game features, as well as discussing the challenges and opportunities that arose throughout the development process.
  • WHEN: Saturday 8/30, 12:30-1:30PM
  • WHERE: Sasquatch Theatre
  • MODERATOR: Chris Watters [GameSpot]

Collecting Games WITHOUT Going Broke or Getting Scammed!

  • WHAT: Building a collection of classics can be tons of fun, but the risk that you'll spend too much for something (or worse, be the victim of the ever-more-elaborate scams that are going around) is increasing by the day. How can you enjoy buying old games while still protecting yourself? Our panel of collecting experts run down some common money sinks, scams, and tips for getting bargains!
  • WHEN: Sunday 8/31, 9-10PM
  • WHERE: Hedgehog Theatre
  • PANELISTS: Chris Kohler [Editor, WIRED], Peter Brown [GameSpot]

Video Game Memories: What Makes a Game Special?

  • WHAT: A group of (hardened) games journalists get together to talk about what made their early game experiences so special. The discussion continues on to explore what type of new video game could possibly harness and recreate that magic.
  • WHEN: Monday 9/1, 12:30-1:30PM
  • WHERE: Sasquatch Theatre
  • PANELISTS: Carlos Rodela [Producer/Host, Video Game Break and Big Fish], Tadhg Kelly [Game Designer, Consultant, Columnist, Creator, What Games Are], Jason Lindsey [Producer and Host of the Metal Jesus Rocks YouTube channel], Anthony Gallegos [Host, (Formerly of 1UP, EGM, Computer Gaming World) Rebel FM], Danny O'Dwyer [Editor/Host, GameSpot], Holly Green [Polygon, Dtoid, Gameranx]

Additional panel details can be found on the official PAX site.

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