Meet Dynamite Jack: Part MGS, Part Bomberman

Ever consider escaping from an underground mine armed with an unlimited supply of bombs while dodging lasers and henchmen?


Dynamite Jack

If the stealthy gameplay of Metal Gear Solid collided with the audacious weapons of Bomberman, you would get Dynamite Jack. In this top-down action adventure game, you play as a former space marine, who was captured during battle and made to work in a mine against his will, until he figured out a way to break out. But that's only half the battle. You must escape this underground facility where there are guards everywhere, ranging from basic sentry units to crazy laser-beam-shooting scientists. Don't fear, though, because you have a couple of weapons to help you along the way.

Time to blow up some stuff!
Time to blow up some stuff!

The first and probably most important is the detonator, which gives you an unlimited supply of bombs that pack a deadly punch. The only drawback is that you can place only one bomb at a time until you detonate it. This adds some challenge to each level because it stops you from running and bombing everything in sight and instead allows you to stealthily bomb your enemies in an efficient manner. The second weapon is your flashlight, which guides your pathway, preventing you from falling down sinkholes and walking down dead ends, and it repels monsters. As you progress farther down the levels, you encounter wookie-like monsters that attack you when it's dark but run away when light is shed on them--every little boy's nightmare and dream.

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The level design is simple at first since you encounter only one enemy type. As you progress, you will encounter more enemies and obstacles, such as moving laser beams, which stand in the way of escape. There is plenty of replay value as well. There are achievements in every level, but one of the most difficult ones to get is the achievement for not dying at all. You get an unlimited number of lives and well-placed save points, but your enemies have a wide moving line of sight that can get you constantly killed, which it did to us. We had a lot of fun with the levels we played and can't wait to see the final product once it's released on Steam later this year.

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