Meet Diancie, the new Mythical Pokemon that you can't get yet

New Mythical Pokemon said to play a central role in upcoming Pokemon movie.

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Mythical Pokemon Diancie has been officially unveiled by The Pokemon Company, days after the new Pokemon's existence was made public.

Diancie will play a major role in the upcoming Pokemon movie, Cocoon of Destruction and Diancie, which will be released in Japanese theatres on July 19. The mythical Pokemon popped up in Japan's CoroCoro magazine, and was spotted by Pokemon supersite Serebii.

But how do you get your hands on this new rock/fairy Pokemon in Pokemon X and Y? As of now, The Pokemon Company isn't saying anything.

"Known to boast the greatest beauty in all the world," says The Pokemon Company, "Diancie’s body glitters pink, captivating the hearts of many. During battle, Diancie can produce a great volume of diamonds instantaneously by compressing air between its hands. It uses these diamonds to attack enemies and protect itself."

Pokemon X and Y owners in Europe and North America recently got the chance to use the game's Pokemon Bank storage vault, which includes the ability to teleport over their Pokedex from previous titles.

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