Medieval: Total War expansion announced

Activision will turn the clock back to the year 790 with the release of the Viking Invasion expansion for its popular strategy game.


Activision has announced that this spring it will release Medieval: Total War - Viking Invasion, an expansion pack for its popular strategy game set during the Middle Ages. The expansion is being developed by the Total War series' creators at Creative Assembly, which is also reportedly at work on Rome: Total War .

Viking Invasion is set much earlier than Medieval, back in the year 790, and it focuses on the seafaring Scandinavians and their attempt to dominate the British Isles. There are eight new factions to control, including the Vikings, Saxons, Scots, Irish, Welsh, and Picts. The earlier setting brings many new historical heroes and units, notably Viking berserkers, Saxon huscarles, and fyrdmen. New options during sieges come with the introduction of flaming arrows and boiling oil, and there's a fearsome new heavy weapon, the organ gun. A few additional features are planned for the expansion, and players will be able to plan reinforcements and scout enemy formations before starting the main battle.

"We felt the era of Nordic raiders offered the perfect opportunity to add new flavors to the Medieval: Total War experience," said Tim Ansell, founder and managing director of Creative Assembly. "Players can now sweep west from Scandinavia to raid, pillage, and conquer just as they did over 1200 years ago."

We'll have more details on the Viking Invasion expansion closer to its release this spring. For more details, check out our Rome: Total War of Medieval: Total War.

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