Medieval Lords: Kingdom Under Siege announced

Monte Cristo Games licenses Interactive Data Visualization's SpeedTreeRT technology for a previously unannounced strategy title.


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Monte Cristo Games today announced that it has licensed Interactive Data Visualization's SpeedTreeRT technology for use in Medieval Lords: Kingdom Under Siege. Details on the previously unannounced game are scarce at present, but Monte Cristo has confirmed that it plans to release the city-building game this year.

"We chose SpeedTree because they are able to create lifelike 3D trees of different kinds with a specific look for each tree," said Jerome Gastaldi, managing director at Monte Cristo Games. "Medieval Lords: Kingdom Under Siege is a city-builder game, and we wanted all the sets to be interesting to admire from both a long distance and in first-person view. Using this technology, which has trees moving in the wind, adds a great deal of life to the close-up views in the game."

Monte Cristo Games' previous titles include Emergency Fire Response, Airline Tycoon, Pop Star Academy, and Desert Rats vs. Afrika Korps. The Paris-based developer and publisher is currently focusing its production and design resources toward life simulation, building, and tactical management games in an attempt to reach a larger international audience.

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